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Peter King

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The Week 2 Mailbag

This season, The MMQB is separating Peter King's Tuesday content into two columns—On Further Review, which usually will look at a understated but important factor or team from the weekend's games, and the Tuesday Mailbag, where reader emails will be ...


New York Congressman Says ISIS Won't 'Be Afraid To Put A Bomb In Lower ...

Rep. Peter King (R-New York) issued a dire warning about the threat posed by the jihadist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) in a conversation with Business Insider on Monday. King argued the group, which is currently mainly active in ...


On Reporting Ray Rice

Next week's comments from Peter King: "A source that I trusted in the NFL that had been impeccable had in fact seen the video and told me the truth back in July, but then in an effort to continue the cover up, told me last week they had not seen it to ...


Has Peter King Read His Own Reporting On The Ray Rice Fiasco?

On July 29,'s Peter King, who covers the league from the centermost pleat on Roger Goodell's khakis, reported that "NFL and some Ravens officials" had seen unreleased security-cam footage of the Ray Rice altercation from within the elevator. At ...


Peter King Issues Statement On His Ray Rice Reporting, Self-Immolates

One strange aspect of the ongoing Ray Rice fiasco is that the NFL is vigorously denying it ever saw a video of Rice beating his then-fiancée Janay Palmer in an elevator, flatly contradicting what top football reporters were saying both publicly and ...


Rep. Peter King: Obama Has "Absolute Power" To Carry Out Attacks Against ISIS

PETER KING (R-NY): As a Republican, I do believe the president has the constitutional authority to take action now in Iraq and in Syria against ISIS. I believe as a matter of course, it's probably better for him to get Congressional approval, but I ...


New Email Release Shows Peter King Demanded an Investigation to Find ...

Within a day, several news outlets — including ABC News, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times – reported that the culprit was actually a Saudi agent. On May 9, 2012, Representative Peter King called for an FBI investigation to determine who leaked ...


Eternally Outraged Congressman Not Trying to Be 'Trivial,' But Doesn't Think ...

... wear his summer suit,” the White House press secretary said today — to stupid faux controversy thanks to who else but Long Island Republican Representative Peter King. “There's no way, I don't think, any of us can excuse what the president did ...


Peter King: U.S. had 'allies lined up' for air strikes in Syria before Obama ...

Sunday marked the one-year point from President Barack Obama's Aug. 31, 2013, Rose Garden address seeking congressional approval to conduct air strikes in Syria against Bashar al-Assad's regime. Twelve months later, the situation in Syria remains a ...


Terrorist Sympathizer Rep. Peter King Wants Another Decade of War Against ...

Three years fighting ISIS? Fugetaboutit: everyone's favorite avuncular terrorist sympathizer Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is back to beating the drums of protracted war. Never one to be outdone in matters of war and peace (but mostly war) King told ...



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Picture Name Location  
peter king Lennox Head, Australia  
Peter King Los Angeles, CA  
Peter King Farmington, CT  
Peter King Davenport, IA  
peter king Liaoning  
Peter King Rochester, NY  
peter king QLD, Australia  
Peter King Kraków, Polska  
Peter King Rio de Janeiro  
peter king Los Angeles  


10 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Peter J. King Jr., Mcse Providence, Rhode Island Area Компьютерная и сетевая безопасность  
Pete King Greater Los Angeles Area Медиапроизводство  
Peter King London, United Kingdom Страхование  
Pete King Greater St. Louis Area Маркетинг и реклама  
Peter King New South Wales, Australia Управление образованием  
Peter King London, United Kingdom Юридическая практика  
Peter King Greater Philadelphia Area Охрана окружающей среды  
Peter King Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area Юридические услуги  
Peter King Houston, Texas Area Финансовые услуги  
Pete King M.S., Mafp Las Vegas, Nevada Area Управление образованием  

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Picture Name Location  
Peter King  
Peter C. King Signal Mountain, TN  
peter king hamilton, waikato  
Peter King  
Peter King Cheshire, CT  
Peter Nelson-King  
peter kingma  
Peter King  
peter king  
Peter Kingsriter LAKEVILLE, MN  


10 results found