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Ray Kurzweil

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668 results found

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Ray Kurzweil on Rationality and the Moral Considerability of Intelligent Machines

In his new work, How to Create a Mind [HCM], Ray Kurzweil reflects on the moral considerability of intelligent machines. He believes that in the near future we will be confronted with machines that have cognitive abilities and emotive expressions that ...


Will Today's Newborns Become Immortal Cyborgs?

One of the most notable predictors in this vein has been serial inventor, director of engineering at Google (and occasional PCMag contributor), Ray Kurzweil. Ray-K has been heralded for his data-based approach to technological prognostication, which ...


We may already know how we will cure death—but should we?

While his solution to mortality isn't as clearly articulated in the film, it seems to line up with the strategy articulated by the dean of transhumanism (a movement that aims to remove the limitations on human existence), Ray Kurzweil: Stay alive until ...


Technology will slowly transform the human body

Or, if you take the word of transhumanists such as Ray Kurzweil, the next place we are going to go is inside computers (and wouldn't that really be the ultimate body modification — doing away with the body altogether?) Kurzweil, an eminent author ...


A Revolution in Money

“Money is a very interesting philosophical idea in that we have all of humanity agreeing on this system,” said Ray Kurzweil, a futurist, inventor and author. “So even though we may radically disagree on some things — like let's say the U.S. government ...


'Transhumanists' are planning to upload your mind to a memory stick…

Ray Kurzweil – probably the world's most famous Transhumanist, who works for Google – thinks that mind uploading will be possible some time in the middle of this century. (Again, most mainstream scientists are less convinced by Kurzweil's estimates ...


Is the recent solar power 'tipping point' a sign of things to come?

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil has books, documentaries, and honorary PhDs to his name but he's also renowned for his predictions. In fact, there's an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to them and his proponents and detractors love to make hay out of ...


Tech-savvy Communes Could be the Answer to SF's Housing Issues

House founder Josh Daniel explains The Lair came out of his experiences while attending Singularity University – a Silicon Valley educational experiment created by Ray Kurzweil. “I see [communal life] as a way to bring together those who believe in ...


Ray Kurzweil: la máquina de pensar suprema

Cuando tenía 17 años, Ray Kurzweil se presentó en el programa de televisión "I've got a secret” ("Tengo un secreto”) y tocó una pieza al piano. El secreto que guardaba es que dicha pieza había sido compuesta por una computadora que él mismo había ...


Beyond Earth Interview: 'No Civilization Game Would Be Made Without Sid. He's ...

The reason I ask is that Alpha Centauri managed to sneak in some pretty out-there futurist notions, and if you follow guys like Ray Kurzweil today, you know he thinks this notion that Star Trek's going to happen in another century or two misses the ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Ray Kurzweil Greater Boston Area Computer Software  
Raymond Kurzweil Greater Boston Area Consumer Electronics  


10 results found
Picture Name Location  
Ray Kurzweil Sandusky, OH  
Ray G Chesapeake, VA  
Joe Kurzweil Pekanbaru  
Allison Kurzweil New York, NY  
Agnès Kurzweil Brussels  
Carol Kurzweil Alagoas  
Candy Kurzweil Scotch Plains, NJ  
Ricarda Kurzweil Steiermark  
Marc Kurzweil NY  
Herman Kurzweil Boca Raton, FL  

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ray_kurzweil 2  


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