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Ray Kurzweil

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Ray Kurzweil Says He's Breathing Intelligence into Google Search

But in a small session later that day, the inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil talked confidently about making Google's current search technology obsolete. Kurzweil joined the company 18 months ago to lead a project aimed at creating software capable of ...


Immortality: Coming to You in 2045

It's a 30-year-old thesis, popularized by American inventor, scientist, author and “futurist,” Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is known for many things. For example, he invented the first commercially marketed speech recognition technology, along with the first ...


Google's Ray Kurzweil on What Computers Need to Become Conscious

In 2012, Google hired Ray Kurzweil to build a computer capable of thinking as powerfully as a human. It would require at least one hundred trillion calculations per second — a feat already accomplished by the fastest supercomputers in existence. The ...


Strong Artificial Intelligence Superseding the Human Brain?

as per By Ray Kurzweil, ' … THE LAW OF ACCELERATING RETURNS ….' [.…] It's only one man talking, making projections about the future of technology and not coincidentally the future of the human race. Yet many of Ray Kurzweil's predictions have hit ...


Comment Ray Kurzweil perdit son père et annonça la résurrection

Ray Kurzweil a 22 ans lorsque son père décède d'une crise cardiaque, en 1970. Trop peu présent jusque-là («C'était un homme très occupé pendant ma prime jeunesse», raconte l'inventeur dans le documentaire Transcendent Man 1 ), trop vite disparu, ...


Roko's Basilisk: Terrifying Thought or Toothless Meme?

Famous techies and entrepreneurs Peter Thiel of PayPal and Ray Kurzweil of Google help provide resources and funds. The “positive impact” part of the slogan is important. If humans are going to let machines run the world, they need to make sure those ...


Dirty Little Secrets of Science

So does Ray Kurzweil. What are these famous scientists and other prominent citizens doing when you're not looking? They're betting on our future, Homer. On a visit to San Francisco's Fort Mason Center, I discovered an interesting group of people who ...


This is hands down the craziest Google rumor we've ever heard

Second, Google right now employs visionary futurist Ray Kurzweil, who has written extensively about nanobots in the past. In an interview with Maclean's last year, for instance, Kurzweil detailed his plan to cheat death and live forever with the help ...


The Future Of Design, Imagined Honestly

If it has a theme or message, it's this: the near future will be weirder than any Ray Kurzweil wannabe lets on. We don't design the future--it emerges as a chaotic consequence of crisscrossing micro- and macro-interactions, only some of which are ...


Bonus Materials: man, machine and Transcendence

These days, the concept of merging man and machine consciousness is sometimes called the Singularity, a term popularized by author and futurist Ray Kurzweil. It involves a lot of current and emerging science about quantum computing, biotechnology and ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Ray Kurzweil Boston y alrededores, Estados Unidos Programas informáticos  
Raymond Kurzweil Boston y alrededores, Estados Unidos Electrónica de consumo  


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Picture Name Location  
Ray Kurzweil Sandusky, OH  
Ray G Chesapeake, VA  
Joe Kurzweil Pekanbaru  
Allison Kurzweil New York, NY  
Agnès Kurzweil Brussels  
Carol Kurzweil Alagoas  
Candy Kurzweil Scotch Plains, NJ  
Ricarda Kurzweil Steiermark  
Marc Kurzweil NY  
Herman Kurzweil Boca Raton, FL  


10 results found