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Ricky Ricardo

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    Ricky Ricardo Unknown   500 New window
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58 results found

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It's time to meet a Muppet

When Ricky Ricardo performed with his band, he usually strapped on a conga drum over his shoulder and began singing "ba-ba-lew." What was the song? — H.M., Tampa Bay, Florida. A: "Babalu" is the title of a Cuban song named after the deity Babalu-Aye ...


Scarlett Johansson holds it all together in Lucy

Literally evoking the name given by anthropologists to the earliest woman yet discovered (not Ricky Ricardo's missus), her titular Lucy is an American student in Taipei when she meets a guy who tricks her into delivering a briefcase to a Korean gang ...



Editor: Way back when, Ricky Ricardo used to tell Lucille Ball that she had “some 'splaining” to do. I have lived in Susquehanna County for 13 years now and it is time for Scranton to do some 'splaining. It is obvious that they are looking for more ...


Middle East Military Build-up

After more than 14 years of continuous war in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention supporting insurgencies in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria, the U.S. departs in a zero sum game that has cost tens of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and leaves ...


Review: Lucy

In the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo: Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do. A valiant if ultimately futile attempt to graft a brainy mind-bender onto a traditional action film template, Luc Besson's Lucy frequently comes across as The Tree of Life as ...


Tipsy Tuesday: Booze Events & Drink Specials

From 4:30-10:00 pm, enjoy the Old Fashioned, Noche Rojo, Burro de Durazno or Ricky Ricardo for $5. My suggestion is get your money's worth, try them all and take a cab back home. That's a Tuesday done right. Didn't you see me say that National Tequila ...


Dazzle dancers win at national competition

His hip-hop solo, “Ricky Ricardo” placed first with platinum distinction, and he placed first in the senior choreograph division with platinum distinction for his self-choreographed tap solo, “For What It's Worth.” Bird and Kizer teamed up to win two ...


Mystery Money? Freep Asks Where Terri Lynn Land's $3 Million Comes From

As Ricky Ricardo used to say on the show "I Love Lucy," "Lucy, you got splainin' to do." Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press writes that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land may have violated the spirit of the campaign contribution laws ...


Confectionary Overload

The loud, madcap Lucille Ball played somebody known as "Lucy Ricardo," the loud, madcap wife of a Latino nightclub headliner, "Ricky Ricardo" (played by her real-life husband Desi Arnaz). Closer to Mr. Koons's modus operandi, Bob Cummings played a ...


The Outdoors Are Alive With the Sound of Music

If there's one thing Liberace taught us, it's that there's no such thing as taking a personal obsession with music too far, even if that means piano-shaped mailboxes, piano-shaped bars, piano-shaped couches, and musical-staff-shaped front doors. None ...



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Picture Name Location  
Ricky Ricardo Chicago, IL  
Ricky Ricardo Philadelphia, PA  
Ricky Ricardo East Hartford, Connecticut  
Ricky Ricardo Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Ricky Ricardo Medan, Indonesia  
Ricky Ricardo NY  
Ricky Ricardo Chicago, IL  
Ricky Ricardo Bronx, NY  
Ricky Ricardo Batu, Indonesia  
Ricky Ricardo Garden Grove, CA  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Ricky Abud Tucson, Arizona , Verenigde Staten Financiële diensten  
Ricky Marek Israël Computersoftware  
Ricky Ricardo Kitchener en omgeving, Canada Detailhandel  
Ricky Ricardo Miami/Fort Lauderdale en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Denktanks  
Ricky Ricardo Indonesië Amusement  
Ricky Ray Ricardo Melbourne en omgeving, Australië Architectuur en ruimtelijke ordening  
Ricky Ricardo Sarael Benyamin Indonesië Transport/vrachtvervoer/spoorwegen  
Ricky Calo Austin, Texas, Verenigde Staten Informatietechnologie en services  
Ricky Ricardo Puerto Rico Fotografie  
Ricky Ricardo Indonesië  

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Picture Name Location  
Ricky Ricardo  
ricky ricardo  
ricky ricardo  
Ricardo Ricky  
Ricky Ricardo  
Ricky Ricardo Dunoyer  
Ricardo "Ricky" Gilson  
ricky ricardo  
Ricky ricardo  


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