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Robert Kagan

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Picture Name Location  
Robert Kagan Metairie  
Dr robert kagan Elk Grove Village  


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Robert Kagan: Obama Administration Must Prove It's Willing to Fight ISIS in ...

Robert Kagan, a Brookings Institution senior fellow, criticized the Obama administration for responding to the threat posed by the Islamic State by working backward from what the United States chooses not to do.. “Of course soft power is important, but ...


Meeting of Secretary Kerry's Foreign Affairs Policy Board Secretary of State ...

These new members join the following returning members to the Board: Mr. Stephen J. Hadley; the Honorable Jane Harman; Ambassador Carla A. Hills; Dr. Robert Kagan; Retired Admiral Michael Mullen; Dr. Vali Nasr; Ambassador John Negroponte; ...


The United States' Middle East policy is in shambles

On February 19, 1998, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Frank Carlucci, Doug Feith, Bernard Lewis, Robert McFarlane, Donald Rumsfeld, Caspar Weinberger, Paul Wolfowitz, and many others, addressed an open letter ...


The Neocons -- Masters of Chaos

In recent years, the neocons and "liberal interventionists" have become almost indistinguishable, so much so that Robert Kagan has opted to discard the discredited neocon label and call himself a "liberal interventionist." [See's ...


The Neocons Return

His loose circle of advisers includes former national-security adviser Stephen Hadley, former deputy national-security adviser Elliott Abrams, Brookings Institution scholar and former Reagan-administration aide Robert Kagan, Weekly Standard editor Bill ...


US Grand Strategy: World Leader or Restrained Power?

On October 17, the Brookings Project on International Order and Strategy hosted a discussion with Brookings Senior Fellow Robert Kagan and MIT Professor Barry Posen on U.S. grand strategy. Amid a background of seeming geopolitical upheaval, the ...


America's balancing act: Ideals vs. self-interest

As Robert Kagan writes in his book “The World America Made,” U.S. hegemony since 1945 has produced the “Pax Americana,” a period of unprecedented global progress. During “America's watch,” notwithstanding the persistence of many problems, we have ...


World Moving Back to Period of Great Power Competition: Analyst

WASHINGTON, October 18 (RIA Novosti) - While there has been a long period without a major conflict between superpowers, the world is moving back into a period of great power competition, Robert Kagan, Brookings Fellow and policy analyst, told RIA ...


Face the Nation Transcripts September 21: Power, Rogers, Feinstein

(CBS News) -- Below is a transcript of the September 21 edition of Face the Nation. Guests included: James Brown, Samantha Power, Mike Rogers, Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman, Joe Liberman, Mike Morell, Robert Kagan, Dr. Bill Shaffner, Dr. Jon LaPook.


Brookings Experts on the US-led Strikes on ISIS and Targets in Syria and Iraq

Robert Kagan participated in a panel discussion on CBS News' “Face the Nation” during which he recognized the importance of “soft power,” but then added that: “we are kidding ourselves if we don't understand at the end of the day the people we're ...



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