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Robert Lansing

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Rescuing George Shultz, the Best Secretary of State You've Never Heard Of

With this lack of historical awareness, someone like George Shultz appears as distant and unknown as Robert Lansing, and he can't fit into a regression analysis of a large n data set (for a thoughtful reflection on this malady, see this essay by Frank ...


Wilson + State = CPI

Wilson's Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, was not regarded as effective or even suited for his position. Colonel House, the President's close advisor, had previously suggested that Wilson 'get a man with not too many ideas of his own and one that ...


TV's best and worst spinoffs: From 'The Simpsons' to 'The Brady Bunch Variety ...

"The Andy Griffith Show" was backdoored on an episode of "The Danny Thomas Show." Fans of the original "Star Trek" know that the episode "Assignment: Earth," starring Robert Lansing and Teri Garr, was a failed backdoor pilot. The reboot: Remakes of old ...


The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) Names 2015 Society Awardees

Newswise — February 11, 2015—Warrendale, PA (USA)—The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) will honor members who have made remarkable contributions in the field of materials science and engineering this past year at the 144th TMS Annual ...


Interview: Kate Trotter

Robert Lansing had gotten sick, and I had been on the show before, but for that fourth season they were going to take a chance on my character and have that be the one that replaced Lansing on the show. And I love theatre and working in Canada so much ...


De mythe van de Amerikaanse neutraliteit in de periode 1914-1919

(7) Diens waarschuwing daarvoor werd hem toen niet in dank afgenomen en hij moest al spoedig daarna het veld ruimen (8) om te worden opgevolgd door Robert Lansing die ten aanzien van de handhaving van de neutraliteit door zijn land, een soepeler ...


Gewalterfahrung im Ersten Weltkrieg: Der Wendepunkt des Völkerrechts

Auch bei den Alliierten findet sich das Muster, etwa bei der umfassenden Seeblockade Deutschlands, die zum Verhungern von mehr als 300 000 Menschen führte. Der amerikanische Aussenminister Robert Lansing sagte 1916, dass jede Rechtsverletzung ...


Why the U.S.-Mexico Relationship Matters

Robert Lansing, former secretary of state under Woodrow Wilson, 1924. "As we have seen, Mexico has been a principal target of the capitalist economic system and its imperialisms for more than a century". James Cockcroft, Mexicos Revolution then and Now.


Memo to Wannabe Bravehearts

Not for nothing did Robert Lansing believe that the idea of the "self-determination of peoples" was "a phrase . . . simply loaded with dynamite." Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State, mostly forgotten today, was a man ahead both of his president and his ...


DYCHE | Separatism comes to Kentucky

As several commentators have recently recalled, however, Wilson's secretary of state, Robert Lansing, responded that self-determination was a phrase "simply loaded with dynamite." That dynamite is going off around the globe today. From Scotland to ...



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Robert Lansing Burke, VA  
Robert Lansing  
Robert B. Lansing  


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