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Robert Mueller

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Former FBI director Robert Mueller speaks at SIG event

The former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Robert Mueller, visited Stanford this Tuesday and talked with students about his tenure as a leader in national security and his views on today's security issues. The event was hosted by ...


Robert Mueller releases report on Rice investigation

An independent investigation into the NFL found no evidence that any league executives saw or was in possession of the Ray Rice in-elevator video before its public release, according to the findings of former FBI director Robert Mueller released Thursday.


Alamo Drafthouse to open sixth Austin location in Mueller

The Mueller community, a development that replaced the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport when it closed in 1999, is a project of the city mixing affordable housing, regular market price housing and other businesses, said Pam Hefner, the redevelopment ...


Report backtracks on Sarasota Saudis

More than 30 officials with the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community were interviewed, including ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA boss John Brennan. Their statements were not made public.


Disagreement over whether 9/11 hijackers had support inside US, report says

During his exit interview, former FBI Director Robert Mueller who ran the bureau during this period, did not rule out an effort to work with or recruit the cleric as an asset during the 2002 visit. "I am not personally familiar with any effort to ...


7 takeaways from the Robert Mueller investigation into the NFL and Ray Rice

The investigation, led by former FBI director Robert Mueller, encompassed "millions of documents, emails, text messages and electronic data logs" and included interviews with "more than 200 NFL employees and contractors." Its mission was two-fold: 1 ...


Robert Mueller: From al-Qaeda to the NFL

WASHINGTON — Robert Mueller had barely unpacked his bags at FBI headquarters when suicide hijackers slammed commercial airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The subsequent investigation and the effort to unravel terrorist ...


Robert Mueller choice compromises NFL investigation

The NFL continues to reel in the wake of its domestic violence scandal, and the league wants to assure you that the truth will come out when former FBI director Robert Mueller completes his review of the conduct of the league and its leader in the days ...


Cossack calls hiring of Robert Mueller a “huge mistake”

While most of the public and the media have swallowed the hook regarding the notion that former FBI director Robert Mueller will be conducting an “independent” investigation into the many questions regarding the Ray Rice video, ESPN has been at the ...


How independent will Robert Mueller be?

While the tentacles aren't as numerous as those connecting the league office to a law firm like Covington & Burling, the NFL-WilmerHale linkage suggests that Robert Mueller isn't and won't be truly independent. At some level, Mueller possibly will be ...



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