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Russell Brand

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Russell Brand nominates Jeremy Paxman, David Cameron and Sean Hannity ...

Russell Brand has nominated three of his favourite people – Jeremy Paxman, David Cameron and, last but not least, Sean Hannity – to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. Of course to nominate anyone, you must have already taken part in the campaign ...


Russell Brand opposes anti-Semitism after death threats: 'We must disavow all ...

Russell Brand has been vocal in his criticism of the media coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. Particularly in his satirical YouTube series, The Trews. He memorably dissected FOX News reporter Sean Hannity's pro-Israel bias that appeared not to ...


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Russell Brand Gets In On The Act And Nominates ...

Russell Brand has become the latest celebrity to chuck a load of cold water over themselves in the name of charity, as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The campaign - intended to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ...


Why I Oppose Anti-Semitism

... and when we unite their tyranny is overthrown. Russell Brand supports B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights group which documents human rights abuses against the Palestinians. You can donate to them too at ...


Russell Brand: Racism peddled on Fox News is 'so outrageous it's almost art!'

On the latest episode of The Trews, Russell Brand continued to discuss Fox News's racist coverage of the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. He begins by showing a clip from Red Eye in which host Greg Gutfeld said that “the media, like humanity, can ...


Russell Brand attacks Bill O'Reilly's Isis report: 'We're not idiots. We don't ...

Seemingly determined not to leave any FOX News anchor's coverage of the crisis in the Middle East unturned, Russell Brand has released another scathing video about Bill O'Reilly. Days after tearing into his reporting on "the exploitation and oppression ...


Russell Brand: MSNBC Is 'Extremely Conservative'

In an appearance on "The Young Turks" webcast post on YouTube earlier today, Russell Brand discussed the state of the American media, which he described to be overwhelmingly conservative. Brand specifically addressed MSNBC, in which he was a guest ...


Russell Brand's views about voting aren't far off fascism, says Al Murray

Russell Brand's views on drugs laws, voting and the government have largely been considered on the left of central by most socio-political observers. Not so for fellow comedian Al Murray, who's said the enigmatic star's continued encouraging of people ...


Comic Russell Brand pops into Hounslow police station to see officers in ...

The comedian, actor and radio host was in the borough to film scenes for an upcoming documentary to be screened on BBC3 in autumn this year. It is a follow up to last year's 'From Addiction to Recovery'. Supt Benatar welcomes Russell Brand ...


Russell Brand's 'Don't Vote' Policy Is A Fascist Idea, Says Edinburgh Fringe ...

In an interview with Spiked, Al Murray opines that Russell's mission of influencing people not to vote "isn't far off a fascist idea". He adds, "That's not his intention, obviously. He's trying to show the powers-that-be. But fascists are very keen on ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Russel Brand Johannesburg Area, South Africa Information Technology and Services  
Russ Cornelius, Certified Brand Strategist Greater San Diego Area Marketing and Advertising  
Rusty Brand Huntsville, Alabama Area Human Resources  
Russell Brand San Francisco Bay Area Computer Software  
Russell Brand Macon, Georgia Area Design  
Russell Brand Romford, United Kingdom Performing Arts  
Arthur "Rusty" Brand Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area Plastics  
Russell Brand Lexington, Kentucky Area Hospital & Health Care  
Russell Brand Greater Atlanta Area Design  
Russell Brand Greater Los Angeles Area Defense & Space  


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Picture Name Location  
Russell Brand Dover, OH  
Russell Brand Los Angeles, CA  
Matt Russell Brand Ambler, PA  
Russell Greenwood Healesville, VIC  
Brand PuIbrd New York, NY  
Brand New York, NY  
Brand Sweet Pathum Thani  
Brand Max Pittsford  
Brand Team Miraflores, Peru  
Brand Mantra New York  


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