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Scott Forstall

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Picture Name Location  
Scott Forstall Cupertino, CA  
Antoinette Forstall New Orleans, LA  
rob forstall crete  
Chip Forstall New Orleans  
Rob Forstall Crete, IL  
Stacy Forstall Orange, CA  
Russ Forstall Tallahassee, FL  
Lisa Forstall Chicago, IL  
Brenda Forstall Rocklin, CA  
MeMo Forstall Galvan Orizaba  


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8 results found

Controversies: From Maps to Beats to Haunted Empires

Asked to describe the iOS Maps debacle, a member of Apple PR told us that “it was certainly tough,” as “a lot of people were upset that Scott [Forstall] was not taking responsibility for his product.” The employee went on to say that that it felt ...


8 reasons Morgan Stanley is bullish on Apple

Tim Cook started putting his stamp on the company's executive team in October 2012, when he fired two senior PVs: Scott Forstall and John Browett. Since then he has hired top executives in wearable design, luxury marketing, music streaming, healthcare ...


Two Heads In Place Of One

... Apple's largest event of the year, and also that she technically remains an Apple employee (following Scott Forstall, who served as an “advisor” for a few months short of a year following his departure), evidence suggests that she did not leave ...


Apple iPhone:12 Pivotal Moments

Apple cleans house, announcing the planned departure of Scott Forstall, SVP of software at the company, and the addition of new responsibilities for executives Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue, and Craig Federighi. Reports suggest Forstall was ousted ...


This amazing graphic shows iOS's evolution from original iPhone to iPhone 6

The infographic shows how the iPhone's Home screen has been modified with each iPhone generation, revealing the subtle design choices from year to year, as well as the obvious move from Scott Forstall's skeuomorphism to Jony Ive's flat design style.


Apple Inc. Ready To Release iOS 8 Next Wednesday

The latter was installed after Scott Forstall was fired by Tim Cook for his unwillingness to accept blame for the debacle that was Apple Maps when it was released with a bug count similar to the amount you would find fluttering about a single light ...


The hidden structure of the Apple keynote

One of Apple's most successful products—which rarely gets recognized as such—is made not of aluminum and glass, but of words and pictures. The Apple keynote is the tool the company uses a few times a year to unveil its other products to millions of ...


The 10 biggest Apple announcements of all time

Siri arrived at a difficult time for Apple. The iPhone 4s was the last device released during Steve Jobs' lifespan, but by the time it was publicly unveiled he was too sick to demo it. Instead the job was given to Scott Forstall, who did an acceptable ...


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Picture Name Location  


1 result found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Scott Forstall Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China Productie elektrische/elektronische goederen  


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