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Selma Hayek

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10 results found

Fantastic Fest Review: Salma Hayek Does Her Best John McClane In Actioner ...

In the quarter century since "Die Hard" was first unleashed on moviegoers worldwide, there have been countless iterations of the same formula, to the point that, for a while at least, it became a whole action movie subgenre. Projects would be pitched ...


A Maverick Director, At Home On The Range

The studio bought the rights to El Mariachi and asked the then-23-year-old director to remake it as a sort of sequel, called Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek. But Rodriguez insisted on doing it his way. "I shoot very unusually, I ...


Costume designer Julie Weiss shares her craft with Ringling students

She dressed Selma Hayek and Alfred Molina in “Frida” and Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis in “Twelve Monkeys,” receiving Academy Award nominations for her efforts. And did we mention her work on the visually stunning “American Beauty”? The list goes on and ...


Steampunk takes over Port Adelaide's National Rail Museum this weekend

Fans cite Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis as an early example of steampunk but the genre has been more recently on display in the 1999 movie Wild Wild West, starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh and Selma Hayek. Steampunk culture quickly ...


Stella McCartney Just Threw The Most Star-Studded Bash EVER

Some of Stella's closest A-list pals also made their way across the Atlantic to lend their support for the initiative, with the likes of Drew Barrymore, Selma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson all papped arriving at the party. The guests danced and partied ...


'Cambio de Piel'

Marc Anthony has also established a highly credible acting resumé: Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci's Big Night (1996); Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead (1999); opposite Selma Hayek in the Showtime original film, In the Time of the Butterflies ...


Shohreh Aghdashloo and Steven Strait Join 'The Expanse'

Aghdashloo has appeared on the “24” and has recently finished the film “The Last Knights” with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, and “September in Shiraz” with Adrien Brody and Selma Hayek. Meanwhile, Steven Strait will play the role of Holden, ...


Genova: la mostra apre con Frida Kahlo e Diego Rivera

Ma la mostra ci racconta anche la vita tormentata di Frida, diventata una icona pop anche dopo il film con Selma Hayek. Frida è ricordata per la sua vita che è simile ad un romanzo con tanta nostalgia. Un incidente sul tram nel quale la pittrice per ...


Çekici yıldızlar geçidi

1990'ların başında çok ucuza mal ettiği “El Mariachi”nin Sundance Festivali'ndeki başarısıyla kapağı Hollywood'a atıp bu filmin Antonio Banderas'lı, Selma Hayek'li Amerikan versiyonu “Desperado”yla stil-vizyon sahibi, yaratıcı bir aksiyon ustası ...


Başak burcu biriyle birlikte çalışmanın 14 artısı

Başak kadını kendisine bakan ve her zaman güzel kalabilen bir kadındır. Böyle bir kadının etrafınızda olması her şeyden önce sizin de kendinize bakmanızı ve onun enerjisiyle sizin de öne çıkmanızı sağlar. Selma Hayek'i düşün bir kez, yıllara meydan ...



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Picture Name Location  
Selma Hayek Tijuana  
Hayek Bàcem Tunis  
hayek nazim المنية الضنية, Lebanon  
Hayek Alhadar Tangerang, Indonesia  
Miiss Selma Unknown  
Erhan Selma New York, NY  
Prilla Selma Kalimantan Selatan  
Elçin Selma Istanbul, Turkey  
Zach Selma Cebu  
selma ygt selma New York, NY  


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Picture Name Location Industry  
Selma Hayek Turkije Burgerlijke en sociale organisatie  
Selma Hayek Montpellier en omgeving, Frankrijk Bankwezen  


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10 results found