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Sheila Kelley

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Sheila Kelley as Laura Peterson

Any time we hear that a noted horror filmmaker is taking a creative step away from our beloved genre, it's easy for us to feel slighted as fans. It's as if they're breaking up with us and moving on to see what bigger, brighter opportunities lay out ...


The Guest is a slick genre effort

Mom (Gossip Girl's Sheila Kelley) is having a permanent meltdown, while dad (Leland Orser, of the Taken movies) drinks too much and worries about downsizing. Moody younger boy Luke (Canadian Brendan Meyer) is bullied at school and sister Anna (cast ...


Cast: Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyer, Sheila Kelley, Leland Orser

He acts as father figure to bullied young son Luke (Brendan Meyer) and a protective weird friend to daughter Anna (Maika Monroe). He wins over the heart of the broken mother Laura (Sheila Kelley), and boosts the emasculated father Spencer (Leland Orser).


'The Guest' Gets UK Home Video Release With Several Deleted Scenes!

Maika Monroe (At Any Price, Labor Day), Sheila Kelley (Matchstick Men, Singles), Leland Orser (Seven, Taken) and Lance Reddick (American Horror Story: Coven, Fringe) also star. “Still struggling over the loss of their oldest son, the Peterson family ...


Reviews in Brief:

Daniel informs Caleb's still distraught mom (Sheila Kelley) that one of Caleb's final wishes was that he find them and tell them how much their son loved them. The family -- including dad (Leland Orser), sister Anna (Maika Monroe) and bullied brother ...


'The Guest' review: Movie overstays its welcome

The skeptical kid sister (Maika Monroe) is unimpressed, but the gentle, gullible Mom (Sheila Kelley) and the hard-drinking imbecile father (Leland Orser) think he's great. He's invited to stay for a few days. And that's when the fun starts. The kick of ...


Reel Brief: reviews of Tu Dors Nicole, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, The ...

Claiming BFF status with Caleb and offering condolences without tipping his agenda, he soon insinuates himself into a spare bedroom and the warmish embrace of credulous mom (Sheila Kelley), tippling dad (Leland Orser), suspicious sister Anna (It Follow ...


Review: THE GUEST (2014)

Pumpkins and Halloween decorations fill the Peterson home on this sunny October day. The doorbell rings, and mom Laura (Sheila Kelley) opens the door to find a stranger carrying a duffle bag. The good looking and well-mannered young man introduces ...


The Guest: What happens when you let a stranger in just before Halloween?

The terrific ensemble cast includes Maika Monroe as Anna, Sheila Kelley and Leland Orser as her parents, and Canadian newcomer Brendan Meyer as little brother Luke. Robby Baumgartner's high-contrast cinematography is rich in deep blacks that from the ...


Flock to the Folklife Fair

Those who have time to attend only one event during the Trailing of the Sheep Festival should consider making it the Sheep Folklife Fair. OK, maybe work in the actual sheep trailing parade through Ketchum on Main Street, too, but the growing popularity ...



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Sheila Kelley Goodman-Gilbert Sapulpa, Oklahoma  
Sheila Kelley Fort Worth, TX  
Sheila Kelley Hermosa Beach, CA  
Sheila Kelley Camden, SC  
Sheila Kelley Pompano Beach, FL  
Sheila Clinton Kelley WA  
Sheila Kelley S Factor Los Angeles  
Sheila Kelley Manchester, NH  
Sheila Kelley Unknown  

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sheila kelley TUTTLE, OK  
Sheila Kelley  
sheila kelley gallatin, tn  
Sheila Kelley  
sheila kelley  
Sheila Kelley-Streater Hempstead, New York  
sheila kelley  
Sheila Kelley  
sheila l kelley  
Sheila Kelley  


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