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Shruti Saxena

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Picture Name Location  
Shruti Saxena Rajasthan  
Shruti Saxena Pune, Mahārāshtra  
Shruti Saxena Unknown  
shruti Saxena Unknown  


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Diwali special: Tips to look gorgeous this festive season

Diwali is one festival on which everyone wants to grab attention and look their best. But, thanks to our stressful lives, faulty diet, pollution and most of all our lethargic habits, we fail to look healthy and glowing. A healthy skin and perfect ...


CDC issues new guidelines to protect health care workers from Ebola

New Delhi/Dallas: The Centers for Disease Control on Monday issued new guidelines for health care workers treating Ebola patients. The move was taken after two nurses were diagnosed with the deadly virus at a Dallas hospital this month. The new ...


`It is a myth that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer will have a family ...

In an exclusive interview with Shruti Saxena of, Dr Deepa Tayal, Senior Consultant Breast Surgeon, Fortis La Femme, speaks about various aspects of the disease. Shruti: How important are lifestyle factors in the development of breast cancer?


5 wildlife species that will be extinct soon

It has been observed that the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish across the globe are declining in numbers day by day due to various reasons. According to a recent survey by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), over 3,000 animal species have ...


Welcome to the 'jungle' of modern life!

A shrill scream welcomed me in the morning as I entered the ladies compartment of the Delhi metro. Unknowingly I had stepped onto someone's foot, and the nasty look which I received from the 'victim' convinced me I had committed a grave crime. After a ...


`Super broccoli` may help improve autism symptoms

New Delhi: Scientists have discovered that eating broccoli, packed with a health-boosting compound called `sulphoraphane`, helps improve some social and behavioural problems in people suffering from symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. Broccoli is a ...


What do your nails tell about your health

New Delhi: Do you yearn for long, healthy and strong nails? Regular maintenance of nails is very necessary to keep your nails in good shape. Constant use of nail paints can actually harm your nails. It is very necessary to cut them on regular basis and ...


Mangalyaan tweets video of Mars satellite Phobos

New Delhi: After scripting history in space, India's Mars Orbiter Mission has now tweeted a video of the Red Planet's satellite Phobos. On Tuesday, Mangalyaan sent a high quality moving picture of Phobos - the largest of the two natural satellites that ...


5 reasons why white tea is good for you

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena. New Delhi: White tea has been quite popular in China and has recently become popular in other parts of the world including India. It is made from immature tea leaves that are picked just before the buds have fully opened.


Medical marvel: Woman gives birth to baby after womb transplant

New Delhi: In a medical marvel, a woman in Sweden has given birth to a baby after receiving a womb transplant. The 36-year-old mother is the world's first woman to give birth using a transplanted womb, giving hopes to thousands of childless parents.



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