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Sun Kim

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    Sung Jin Kim Unknown   500 New window
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Mascotism and the Redskins

The history of the United States has some ugly events that many in the dominant culture would rather forget. We would rather sweep away some of the genocidal events that occurred on this soil as if they never happened. If we do not forget, we end up ...


Sun Kim Bop food truck brings Korean flavor to the streets of Western ...

Every weekday morning, Sun Kim drives her bright orange food truck from her home in Petersham out to Amherst or Springfield. Just in time for the afternoon lunch rush. The food truck, Sun Kim Bop, is named for owner Kim, and Bop, a word for the rice ...


Living in Hope: Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller

On October 21, 2014, Jeffrey Fowle, an American, was released from a North Korean prison where he was held for leaving a Bible at a club for foreign sailors. In an interview earlier this year he said that his "charges are violations of the Democratic ...


Ebola and Thomas Eric Duncan: Compassion for All

When Thomas Eric Duncan, a visitor from Liberia, became ill in Dallas on September 24, he went, as many people do, to the local hospital emergency room. However, serious questions must be raised about what happened when he did. Duncan entered the ...


Ebola Outbreak and Outcry: Saving Thomas Eric Duncan

Ebola! The news media has focused attention on an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the past month. According to the CDC, ebola causes the disease with "symptoms ranging from fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F), severe headache, muscle pain, weakness ...


New Orleans Friends of Music gala marks 60 years of showcasing chamber music

Event co-chairs Jonathan McCall and Joan Zaslow spearheaded the evening's offerings enjoyed by Margaret and Wade Shields, Sun Kim and Kee Lee, Fred and Ivy Kushner, Scott and Janet Howard, Drs. Ranney and Emel Mize, Dr. Lawrence Zaslow, Anna ...


A big splash: Finishing touches on new Monterey otter mural go up

Muralist Dong Sun Kim, 68, and Vanderkraats were approached by Dean Owens, division director of Nob Hill Foods, in July to design and paint the mural. After first receiving the city's approval to include the business's name in the upper left corner ...


Kim Jong-Un's Bad Health Leaves Sister In Charge And North Korea In Flux

The weight gain came after he assumed power from his father, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il, who also assumed power from his father, Kim il-Sun. Kim Jong-Un, married father to Kim Jong-ae, took to the pressure of commanding an extreme communist country ...


Investing in Our Children's Future: Divestment, Sustainability and Climate Justice

Having three children usually means that I take one of them to conferences or meetings with me. My children are now getting used to "tagging along". I started taking my oldest to religion conferences when he was three months old. Because our home in ...


Cebu on top as Go shines

Meanwhile, Tagaytay Highlands zoomed to a commanding 31-point lead in the Sportswriters Division after Sun Kim Lee's 41 points led the squad to an opening 212. Virginia Bote and Rosario Dimson fired 35s, Bernadette Wong and Hedee See added 34s ...



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Picture Name Location  
Sun-A Kim 서울특별시, 대한민국  
Kim Mi Sun 서울특별시, 대한민국  
Sun Taek Kim 아산시, 대한민국  
Hee Sun Kim Seoul  
Sun Kim Irving, TX  
Sün Kim อ.เมืองนนทบุรี, ประเทศไทย  
Sun Jin Kim 가평군, 경기도  
sun kyung kim New York, NY  
Sun Kim Ar Rayyan  
kim sun mi 서울특별시, 한국  

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Picture Name Location  
Sun Kim Royal Oak, MI  
Sun Kim  
Sun-Chul Kim  
Kim Sun  
Sun Kim  
sun kim  
SUN KIM Venice, CA  
Kim Sun Hyun  
sun hee kim  
sun kim  


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