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Super Mario

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Games on Film: Super Mario Bros

Give or take a few obligatory references, the only part of the Super Mario Bros story that remained intact was the basic premise of two brothers setting off to rescue a princess from the clutches of evil in a fantasy world. Koopa - who was human-like ...


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Was Almost Given Away for Free in Nintendo ...

The story behind Super Mario Bros. 2 is a wild one, which makes it a great subject for a book -- one penned by game journalist Jon Irwin, to be precise. There are two games by that title: one a dream about plucking vegetables, the other a souped-up ...


Super Mario returns to old haunts

This is an oversimplification, considering the rise in the NFL salary cap the last two years, but basically, the Texans decided Watt, 25, is worth $100 million and Williams was not. In the end, the Texans preferred MegaWatt over Super Mario. Williams ...


Giants part ways with Super Mario

The Giants waived receiver Mario Manningham on Tuesday after giving him an injury settlement. The move means that Manningham, who was placed on injured reserve with a hamstring issue, is free to sign with any other team, and it may be a sign that he's ...


LEGO Super Mario Bros. Floor Lamp Can Be Your For A Princely Sum

Everything in life comes at a price. The price you pay for not having the patience or the skill to build a magnificent 27.5″ tall, and 10″ square Super Mario Bros. floor lamp is an outrageous $2,200(USD). And let's be honest, you know that if you had ...


The Creepiest Super Mario Easter Egg

The third and final installment of Did You Know Gaming's Super Mario Easter Egg Hunt takes us from Super Mario 64 straight through to Super Mario Galaxy 2, where we come across mysterious creatures that still give me nightmares. Why does a lovely ...


Welcome. Super Mario Spikers - The Cancelled Volleyball/Wrestling Mashup - IGN

According to unseen64, Super Mario Spikers was a wrestling/volleyball hybrid, with a hint of TV game show. The game was reportedly in development for the Nintendo Wii at Next Level Games towards the end of 2006. Unseen64 was able to uncover various ...


Super Mario World, Beaten In Record Time

Nine minutes and 51 seconds. That's all speedrunner linkdeadx2 needs to blaze through Super Mario World, and it's a treat to watch him do it (in Mario PJs, to boot!) This is an 'any percentage' run, which means that a player doesn't need to get 100 per ...


'Tetris Movie': Joins Mortal Kombat, Battleship & Super Mario Bros. Video Game ...

The history of video game-based movies doesn't get better when looking outside the ill-fated Mortal Kombat film franchise; Super Mario Bros.—starring John Leguizamo—was unsuccessful largely due to the liberties that it took with the brand. The Street ...


$2200 Super Mario Lego lamp lights up your gamer life

The glow that shepherded you so softly off into a retro-gaming slumber came from a $2,200 Super Mario Bros.-themed lamp made by Etsy seller PugsnLegos, who we have to assume has some pug dogs along with a rather massive Lego collection.



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Super Mario  
Super Mario Galaxy 2  


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mario super Kocaeli  
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süper mario Istanbul  
Super Mario Istanbul, Türkiye  
Super Mario Grand Rapids Charter Township, MI  
Super Mario Mariani & Coffee Nut Sue Mariani Hopewell Junction, NY  
Super Mario New York, NY  
Super Mario Negeri Sembilan  
Mario Super Fairfield, OH  


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