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Ted Bundy

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Picture Name Location  
ted bundy Unknown  
Ted Bundy Sydney, Australia  
Ted Bundy New York, NY  
Ted Bundy Unknown  
Ted Bundy Frisco, TX  
Ethan Crooks Unknown  
Ted Burner Çanakkale  
Гюркан Калйонджу çanakkale  
Ted Severson Washington, DC  
Bundy Flores Waukesha, WI  


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Ron Burgundy Meets Ted Bundy In The Newscaster

When you think of a popular anchorman the first name that comes to mind is Ron Burgundy. Now throw in the personality of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy and you have a unique twist of dark comedy and horror in a film entitled, The Newscaster.


Mississippi death row appeal highlights shortcomings of bite-mark identifications

In one of the country's first nationally televised criminal trials, that of serial murderer Ted Bundy in Florida in 1979, jurors and viewers were transfixed as dental experts showed how Bundy's crooked teeth resembled a bite on a 20-year-old victim ...


Psychologists' evaluation of Daniel Marsh ruled out psychosis

Marsh also found himself researching and comparing serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, relating to them and noting their thought processes were similar. Since the beginning of the trial, Marsh's defense has centered around ...


Why people love charismatic losers

But the worst of the worst. Serial killers get bags of fan mail; brain surgeons who cut tumours out of kids heads don't. The American Ted Bundy who murdered 30 young women in a four-year reign of terror, found himself surrounded by adoring gal fans in ...


Would You Pay To Get Your Kid Into A Top College?

Ironically, if we raise our kids to be like that, they will grow to achieve great things through their own desire to meet their amazing potential. A final thought… Of the following people, only one graduated from college: Charles Dickens, Jane Austen ...


Another Beheading Video: David Cawthorne Haines, British Aid Worker ...

But both Hitler and Osama bin Laden (as well as Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, the murderers in Rwanda, and their bush league cousins, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Dennis Lynn Rader) were and are the disciples of satan. As is ISIS and its followers.


Renowned forensic psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Emanuel Tanay, dies at 86

Emanuel 'Emek' Tanay, M.D. who lent his expertise as an expert witness in thousands of court cases including those of such well-known defendants as Jack Ruby, Theodore 'Ted' Bundy, and Sam Sheppard, died peacefully in hospice care on August 5.


FLASHBACK: A case growing cold, another in the deep freeze

But it would be Dr. Richard Souviron, a Coral Gables, Fla., Odontologist, who's expert testimony sent serial killer Ted Bundy to death row, that disagreed and provided the evidence that eventually resulted in the dismissal of the case against Galloway ...



68 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Ted Bundy Verenigde Staten  
Ted Bundy Colombia  
Ted Bundy Valencia en omgeving, Spanje Detailhandel  
Ted Bundy Leeds, Verenigd Koninkrijk Consumentenelektronica  
Ted Bundy Varese en omgeving, Italië Diergeneeskunde  
Ted Bundy Verenigde Staten  
Ted Bundy Scranton, Pennsylvania , Verenigde Staten Bouw  
Ted Bundy Verenigde Staten  
Theodore Bundy Phoenix, Arizona , Verenigde Staten Groothandel  
Ted Bundy Lexington, Kentucky, Verenigde Staten Financiële administratie  

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