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Ted Kennedy

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Picture Name Location  
Ted Kennedy Ann Arbor, MI  
Ted Kennedy Lake Bluff, IL  
Ted Kennedy Westwego, LA  


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A dog named Ted Kennedy is winning the congressional pups contest

Are partisan politics — or just a fondness for the late Lion of the Senate, who was himself a big dog lover — behind canine Ted Kennedy's dominance? There are plenty of other cute contestants, after all — check out the mug on Theodore Ruffsevelt (a ...


Maybe if Ted Kennedy had been an NFL player, the left would have paid more ...

“But though it is Ted Kennedy's historic body of achievements we will remember, it is his giving heart that we will miss. It was the friend and colleague who was always the first to pick up the phone and say, “I'm sorry for your loss,” or “I hope you ...


Santa Monica Author Writes Book On Ted Kennedy's Legislature

For Santa Monica resident Craig Horowitz, his recently published book “The Legislative Legacy of Edward M. Kennedy” is an achievement five years in the making. Horowitz, who has been practicing employment law for 27 years, said one of his passions had ...


If Ted Kennedy were an NFL player instead of a liberal icon

Just as there should have been no more tolerance for Ted Kennedy. Yet, as the darling of progressives, he shamefully revived his presidential ambitions. As Ray Rice should be permanently separated from the NFL, so should Kennedy have been from the ...


Maple Leafs Legends Row starts with Ted Kennedy, Darryl Sittler, Johnny Bower

It cooled off, and then Darryl came up and smashed out Ted Kennedy's head and the bronze was revealed, and it was like magic. It was like there's something symbolic about that. Here's this guy from the '70s, smashing out the head of a guy from the '50s ...


X-Men: Apocalypse Just Gave Us 2 Big Clues To Where The Franchise Is Going

Through their own investigative journalism, it has been revealed that the late Senator Ted Kennedy's plane crash in 1964, as well as his "original" draft of the speech he gave at the 1978 Democratic National Convention, are both tied to his mutant ...


The gall of those Kennedy gals!

Edward “Ted'' Kennedy. Some women who marry into the Kennedys' staunchly Democratic clan have had a hard time. The late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was stoic in the face of reports of her husband JFK's paramours, and current family stalwart Ethel ...


Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy comes to Tampa to fundraise for Alan Cohn

All the time," the 47-year-old son of the late Ted Kennedy said. "But aren't we lucky in this great democracy that we still have people who have so much to contribute and offer themselves as candidates in this very volatile political environment when ...


X-Men Movies Viral Sites And Video Released

The website seems to be furthering a conspiracy theory called “The Kennedy Curse” that is trying to prove that many members of the Kennedy family were mutants, including Ted Kennedy. The website shows x-rays of Ted Kennedy's body healing itself, and a ...


On shoreline, Kennedy seeks political debut

BRANFORD, Conn. — Ted Kennedy Jr. FES '91 made a pledge to vendors on a recent weekend at the Trinity Church Fair on the town green: “Next time, I'll bring my appetite.” What went unsaid was that he expected their votes in return. Kennedy is running ...



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Picture Name Location  
Ted Kennedy  
ted kennedy  
Ted Kennedy Chapel Hill, NC  
Ted Kennedy  
Ted Kennedy  
Ted Kennedy  
Ted Kennedy  
Ted Kennedy  
Ted C Kennedy  
Ted Kennedy  


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