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Ted Turner

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Picture Name Location  
Ted Turner Boston  
Ted Turner Kalispell, MT  
Ted Turner Antioch, CA  
Ted Turner New York, NY  
Ted Turner Englewood, FL  
Ted Turner Woodstock, IL  
Ted Turner 10015, Queens, NY, USA  
Ted Severson Washington, DC  
Michael Turner Denver, CO  
ezekiel ted manila  


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Would Steve Jobs Or Ted Turner Succeed In These Big Data Obsessed Times?

Spurred by the data analytics revolution, corporations aim to collect and analyze reams of data. This data becomes the basis for modeling the future, which in turn can define growth strategies. This is what is meant by predictive and prescriptive ...


Turner, CNN facing job cuts and changes

Media mogul Ted Turner launched CNN, the first 24-hour cable news network, in 1980 and a lot has changed since then. "They've been gradually moving things to New York ever since Time Warner bought CNN," Former CNN Senior Producer Liz Mercure ...


Major layoffs expected at Turner Broadcasting

Saporta said founder Ted Turner would be disappointed. "He liked the fact that they were not based in New York," Saporta said. "He kind of wanted to show the world what could be done from Atlanta." The city has always been ground zero for CNN, the ...


Some 600 staffers offered buyouts at Turner Broadcasting

Something Battista said Ted Turner would not have wanted. "Thank God he's alive and well, but if he weren't, he'd be spinning in his grave about what happened to CNN." CBS46 News also spoke with Atlanta city councilman Kwanza Hall who served the ...


Mountain News: Ted Turner howls in appearance at Aspen

ASPEN, Colo. – When Ted Turner started buying ranchland in Montana in 1987, there was apprehension among the locals. He was, after all, a big money guy, the founder of CNN and TNT, the baseball team in Atlanta and who knows what else. But Turner, in ...


My two right hands

Abby helped produce our many panel sessions, where our lively speakers included everyone from Ted Turner to Penn Gillette. I may be pathetic to admit it, but Abby and I planned our pregnancies so as not to interfere with the convention schedule. One ...


Time Warner Cable reporting service has largely been restored

Also on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that CNN, TNT and TBS offered voluntary buyouts to 600 employees as part of a cost-cutting effort at the Atlanta-based broadcasting company founded by Ted Turner. Turner is a division of Time Warner.


'Journey of Death' route on El Camino Real trail sees new life

Ranchers raise their cattle and the railroad pretty much parallels the historic trail. Spaceport America calls the Jornada home with the promise of sending a new kind of traveler and explorer into space. Ted Turner's Armanderis Ranch covers a good area ...



146 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Ted Turner Norfolk, Virginia Area Insurance  
Ted Turner Greater Los Angeles Area Information Technology and Services  
Ted Turner Charlotte, North Carolina Area Hospital & Health Care  
Ted Turner Greater Boston Area Market Research  
Ted Turner Greater Detroit Area Nonprofit Organization Management  
Ted W. Turner Greater Atlanta Area Financial Services  
Ted Turner Fort Collins, Colorado Area Marketing and Advertising  
Ted Turner Dallas/Fort Worth Area Law Practice  
Ted Turner Greater Atlanta Area Construction  
Ted Turner Tulsa, Oklahoma Area Marketing and Advertising  

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Picture Name Location  
ted a turner  
ted turner  
ted turner  
Ted Turner Jr.  
Ted Turner  
Ted R Turner  
Ted Turner  
Ted Turner  
Patrick Ted Turner  


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