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Tom Bower

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Picture Name Location  
Tom Bower South Yorkshire  
Tom Bower Flowery Branch, GA  
Tom Bower London, ENG  


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Tom Bower's Diary: Resuming hostilities with Richard Branson

This week marks another milestone in my 15-year battle with Richard Branson. Ever since he unsuccessfully sued me in 1999 to prevent the publication of my first damning biography, we have exchanged shots. His anointment on Sunday as Britain's most ...


Madhur Bhandarkar honoured with Sophia Award from Tom Bower in New York

Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted that he received the Sophia award in New York on Sunday. The elated actor tweeted: Honored to have received the SOPHIA award today from Tom Bower at Syaracuse Film Festival, New York! @SYRFILM ...


Hollywood actor Tom Bower to felicitate Madhur Bhandarkar

Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar will be felicitated by Hollywood actor Tom Bower with Sophia Special Achievement award at 2014 Syracuse International Film Festival. The film festival which is going to take place from 5th to 12th Oct in New York ...


BP, Clipper Petroleum present $5000 grant to Wauka Mountain school

“The local community at Wauka Mountain has been so supportive of our BP store and Subway restaurant at Quillian's Corner for so many years,“ said Clipper Petroleum's Tom Bower. “We are happy we can give back to Wauka Mountain. They are doing great ...


Betsy Bower forges a dream

Bower grew up in the shop of her father, Tom Bower of Bower Welding & Ornamental Iron. At 12 she built her first welded iron sculpture, of a bee and flower, with his help. Soon she was welding on her own. In time she took on jobs like building ...


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Update on Surveillance and Repair

I am director of vascular medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Today we are going to talk about abdominal aortic aneurysms. I am delighted to have three very esteemed colleagues from our vascular surgical section. To my immediate right is Dr Tom Bower ...


Church reaps harvest of artistic kind

Paintings, poetry, knitting and sculptures have been among the displays at this year's Harvest, which has been more popular than ever since it began on September 27. Parishioner Tom Bower, who has lived in Littlemore since the late 1980s, has ...


Failure to launch: Virgin Galactic can't get off the ground

“It's clear that (Branson) launched Virgin Galactic without remotely understanding the complexity of the technical challenges involved and, probably, still doesn't,” British journalist Tom Bower wrote in a highly critical biography of Branson that came ...


City Diary: Houston, we have a problem: Virgin Galactic reveals 'budget pressures'

Yet another set-back for Virgin Galactic, the much-delayed commercial space shuttle from Sir Richard Branson. After the Virgin entrepreneur was recently forced to insist that his cosmic tour operator is “anything but a black hole”, Diary decided to ...


Why the real winner from George Osborne's 'Google tax' could be Nigel Farage

Meanwhile, Branson has been basking in the spotlight again this past fortnight — and Tom Bower and I inadvertently provided an illustration last week of the way informed opinion divides between those who grudgingly admire the Virgin tycoon and those ...



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tom bower  
Tom Bower  
tom bower  
tom bower  
Tom Bower  
Tom Bowers  
Tom Bowers  
Tommie A. Bower  
Tom Bowers  
Tom Bowers  


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