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Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise takes break from Mission Impossible 5 to enjoy dinner at Zuma

All that hard work can make a Hollywood A-lister hungry and Tom Cruise certainly had his fill when he visited popular eatery Zuma in Knightsbridge on Tuesday night. The actor was spotted leaving the upmarket establishment with a huge smile on his face ...


Man arrested attempting to HUG Tom Cruise and give him a copy of the Koran

Police in Morocco arrested a man as he hugged Tom Cruise and tried to gift him a copy of the Koran during a film shoot. The unnamed local was detained in Casablanca by police during the last day's filming of action movie Mission Impossible 5. Local ...


'Edge of Tomorrow' Blu-ray: Tom Cruise copters into London's Trafalgar Square

Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise's summer sci-fi movie about a reluctant soldier who's cursed with the gift of reliving the same day that he's killed by aliens over and over again—until he navigates through battle safely—wasn't the blockbuster that it ...


Gone Girl: How Tom Cruise Helped Rosamund Pike With the Movie

Tom Cruise to the rescue! When Rosamund Pike was freaking out about starting to shoot Gone Girl, she turned to the Hollywood superstar for help. Pike happened to be suffering from a nasty flu the night before cameras were set to roll on director David ...


Tom Cruise flashes biceps on set of new Mission Impossible 5 movie in London

And 'cool guy' Tom Cruise certainly lived up to his reputation when he arrived on the set of Mission Impossible 5 in London on Sunday. The 52-year-old movie star stepped out of his chauffeur driven car with plenty of gadgets in tow - his phone, Ipod ...


Watch Tom Cruise Get Killed Off Over And Over In This Darkly Funny Edge Of ...

Spoiler Alert: Tom Cruise dies a lot in Edge of Tomorrow. Ok, that's barely a spoiler, as the premise of the film involves Cruise's character living the same day over and over, as it resets every time he dies. With that said, if you haven't seen the ...


Simon Pegg on Traveling, Childish Glee and Tom Cruise

If I'm doing a film like Mission: Impossible and I'm working with Tom Cruise, I don't take it in my stride, I'm constantly excited about the fact that I'm working with fucking Tom Cruise,” says Pegg. “[So] when it comes to work, I try and maintain a ...


DWTS' Lea Thompson brandishes flashback photo of her cuddling with Tom ...

He's a difficult man to forget, even for those who've only seen him on celluloid. So for Lea Thompson, who she starred with him in 1983's All The Right Moves, Tom Cruise is surely a source of many fond memories. And on Sunday, the 53-year-old actress ...


Tom Sizemore?s Revenge: On Tom Cruise?s Scientology Recruitment, Drugs ...

What was it like working with Tom Cruise? He didn't try to “recruit” you, did he? [Laughs] You're terrible. He didn't, but his wife did. She was there, Mimi Rogers. I think he regrets getting involved with that group [Scientology], but he doesn't seem ...


Juliette Lewis claims Tom Cruise was a victim of anti-Scientology conspiracy

“I'm just going to throw this out: The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies, so when you have the biggest movie star in the world at the time — Tom Cruise — coming out against anti-depressants and Ritalin and just saying, 'Hey, why ...



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Tom Cruise Prachin Buri @ Kabin Buri  
Demon Tom Cruise Los Angeles, CA  
Tom Cruise München, Deutschland  
Tom Cruise Izmir  
Tom Cruise Auckland Central, New Zealand  
Tom Cruise Kallianpur, India  
tom cruise Egypt  


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