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Veronica Mars

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Picture Name Location Industry  
Veronica Mars San Francisco Bay Area Management Consulting  


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'Veronica Mars' Star Ryan Hansen on Movie's Sequel: 'We Won't Have You Pay ...

“I know, let's do another one,” Hansen joked with TheWrap about another “Veronica Mars” movie while promoting his new CBS comedy, “Bad Teacher.” “We won't have you guys pay for it. We'll have someone else pay for it,” he continued about the movie that ...


17 Reasons 'Veronica Mars' Fans Are The Best

Fans' devotion was not only enough to push "Veronica Mars" to victory in MTV's 2014 Movie Brawl, but it also did a little something we like to call bringing a long-canceled show back from the dead. Uh, we're impressed. Now, it's time for fans to put ...


How Veronica Mars Fans Ruined the Movie Reboot for Everyone Else

Amidst both the excitement over the release of Veronica Mars last weekend and the upset amongst Kickstarter backers over the lack of a downloadable digital version of the movie, one small aspect may have gone under-reported. Namely, that Veronica Mars ...


Is fandom the future? Orlando Jones and Veronica Mars think so

“Fandom is not just about expressing to the object of your fandom that you love it — it's also about connecting with other fans,” Ivan Askwith, who was lead strategist on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, said. Askwith credited the Mars fandom ...


Looking Back at the First Season of Veronica Mars

The film was finally realized last year when a Veronica Mars movie initiative on Kickstarter raised enough cash, in addition to shattering Kickstarter records. In less than 24 hours, the project reached its initial $2 million ask, but fans still kept ...


Ryan Hansen of 'Veronica Mars' lands in Studio City

Ryan Hansen of “Veronica Mars” fame has bought a home in Studio City for $1.35 million. The seller was animated movie producer Tom Jacomb. The nearly 4,000-square-foot traditional-style house, built in the 1970s and remodeled eight years ago, features ...


First book in Veronica Mars mystery series doesn't quite gel

The conspiracy to replace March Madness with Mars Madness continues with the release of a new book featuring Neptune, California's once and future detective. Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line is the first in a two-book series co-written by ...


'Veronica Mars' And The Bad Caterpillar Theory

The story of the Veronica Mars movie has already become the insta-cook version of a legend: creator and star band together for Kickstarter campaign to add chapter to cult series, fans rally, movie gets made. Does it really matter whether it's a good movie?


The Veronica Mars Movie, and the Trouble With Getting What You Want

At one point during the Kickstartered revival movie Veronica Mars, our heroine tells her dad, sheriff turned private eye Keith, that he's “the George Bailey” of Neptune, California. It becomes clear pretty soon that Veronica herself is the George ...


Veronica Mars' Rise Reveals How Much Has Changed Since the Days of Nancy ...

The Veronica Mars series radically altered the image of the girl detective, a character that Drew popularized and has continued to champion for generations of readers. For starters Mars' first film appearance last month replaced the image of the ...



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Flickr Profiles

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Picture Name Nickname Photos Location  
veronica_mars_1357 72  
Veronica_Mars_90210 70  
Veronica Mars 6  
Veronica veronica.mars  
Veronica Mars World 0  
Veronica Mars VeronicaMarsGirl 0  
Veronica Mars The Veronica Mars Movie 0  
Vernca Martins Verônica Mars 0  


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Picture Name Location  
Veronica Mars Hamburg  
Veronica Mars Petrolândia, 30  
Veronica Mars Saint Petersburg  
Veronica Belmont San Francisco  
Mars S Maharashtra  
mars guang Kuala Lumpur  
Mars Punk Attiki  
Mars van Solanum New York, NY  
Mars New York, NY  
Mars Aragón  

Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
Veronica MArs  
Veronica Mars  
veronica mars  
Veronica D. Marshall  
Veronica Marshburn  
Veronica Marshall  
Veronica Marshall-Smith  
Veronica Marshman  
veronica marshall  
Veronica Green-Marshall  


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