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Vladimir Putin

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Picture Name Location Industry  
Vladimir S Putin Moscow, Russian Federation Government Administration  
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Russian Federation Political Organization  


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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Vladimir Putin calls for full crash investigation

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday Russia would use its influence with separatists in eastern Ukraine to allow a full investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 but said the West must put pressure on Kyiv to end ...


Putin's Power: Why Russians Adore Their Bare-Chested Reagan

... spending $50 billion on a resort town most Russians will never see; seizing Crimea, instigating unrest in Ukraine; maybe even making himself indirectly responsible for the murder of nearly 300 innocents aboard a downed passenger plane: Vladimir ...


MH17: Tony Abbott speaks to Vladimir Putin as Australia pushes for UN support ...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has spoken overnight on Sunday with Russian President Vladimir Putin as Australia begins gathering support for a draft United Nations Security Council resolution to condemn the shooting down of MH17 and demand an ...


MH17: Dutch father writes emotional letter to Vladimir Putin

A heartbroken Dutch father who lost his only child on MH17 has written an open letter to Vladimir Putin and the warring parties in Ukraine, telling them his life is now ruined. "Thank you very much Mr Putin, leaders of the separatists or the Ukraine ...


Joe Biden to Vladimir Putin: “I don't think you have a soul”

More than a decade ago, President George W. Bush claimed that he looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes, got a “sense of his soul,” and determined the Russian autocrat and former KGB agent to be a good person. In a new, long profile in the New Yorker, Vice ...


Vladimir Putin backs recovery of MH17 bodies

VLADIMIR Putin has bowed to international pressure and pledged Russian support to recover bodies and key evidence from the crash site of Flight MH17, giving hope to bereaved families that they can bring home the remains of their loved ones. Despite ...


Vladimir Putin's big blunder

(CNN) -- The tragic fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, believed shot down by a missile in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 on board, has cast a new light on the series of gambles Russian President Vladimir Putin embarked on in late February. At ...


Vladimir Putin criticized as "thug" after shootdown of civilian airliner

With mounting evidence linking Russia to the missile that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin is coming under increased pressure from the U.S. and international community. "So long as Putin is not allowing access to the ...


MI5 believe Vladimir Putin was behind murder of spy Alexander Litvinenko

British spy chiefs are convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin sanctioned the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko. MI5 agents may be quizzed at a public inquiry – ordered by PM David Cameron – about their probe into his death from radioactive tea ...


Vladimir Putin evades the truth in Malaysian jet disaster

Vladimir Putin may be many things -- a coldblooded thug, a power-hungry autocrat, a paranoid xenophobe, a self-impressed narcissist -- but he is not a great leader. Hard-liners in Russia and the United States are convinced that tough guys rule best ...



100 results found

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Picture Name Location  
Vladimir Putin Odessa  
Vladimir Putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Россия  
Vladimir Putin Simi Valley, CA  
Vladimir Putin New York, NY  
vladimir putin Moscow  
Vladimir Putin Moskva  
Vladimir Putin Saint-Petersburg  
Коленька Валуев Питер  
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Kyiv, 12  

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Picture Name Location  
Vladimir Putin Grand Forks, ND  
Vladimir Putin  


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