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David Cameron

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David A. Cameron Cleveland, OH  
David Cameron Dallas, TX  
David Cameron Los Angeles, California  
David Cameron May Pen, Jamaica  
David Cameron New York, NY  
David Cameron Baltimore, Maryland  
David Cameron Huddersfield, UK  
David Cameron Watertown, WI  
Cameron David Rocha  
David Cameron Orlando, FL  


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David Cameron pledges tax cuts 'for 30m people'

David Cameron has pledged to cut taxes for thirty million people if the Conservatives win next year's election. In a speech which ended his party's conference, the PM said he would raise the tax-free allowance from £10,500 to £12,500 by 2020. He also ...


David Cameron thinks William Hague is the 'greatest living Yorkshireman'. Here ...

The nation cringed in unison as David Cameron paid tribute to William Hague in an utterly terrifying fashion during his speech at the Conservative Party Conference earlier. Not only did the Prime Minister quote the First Secretary of the State's ...


David Cameron's speech to Conservative party conference - video highlights

Excerpts from David Cameron's keynote speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Wednesday. The prime minister says Islamic State (Isis) cannot be ignored and warns those tempted to join the extremist group that they will be an enemy ...


David Cameron's speech pulled rabbits out of hats early – because it had to

David Cameron demonstrated the teleprompter was invented for a reason. He told the Conservative party conference he was not a complicated man, but revealed a passion about Europe, healthcare, rewarding hard work and his own sense of public duty that ...


David Cameron's 2014 conference speech: panel verdict

David Cameron delivers his speech to the 2014 Conservative party conference. 'Whatever his imperfections, he deserves another go,' says Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for south-east England. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian.


David Cameron promises to cut taxes and scrap Human Rights Act

David Cameron launched an audacious bid to woo voters in next year's general election by pledging to raise the personal income tax threshold by £2,000 a year as well as lifting the 40% tax band to £50,000. Casting the Conservatives as the “trade union ...


Cassetteboy Thanks David Cameron Eminem-Style With A Comedy Conference ...

Cassetteboy, the duo famous for parody mashups like Cassetteboy vs the Bloody Apprentice, have paid tribute to David Cameron in a mashup of his speeches, following his Tory party conference appearance today. [Warning: explicit language] ...


Ed Sheeran dedicates song about crack-addicted prostitute to David Cameron

Those lamenting the absence of a new wave of political angst among younger generation's songwriters shouldn't raise their hopes too high, after one of its leading exponents dedicated a song to David Cameron at a recent gig - even if it was a number ...


David Cameron's #freudianslip conference speech: patriotically 'resenting' the ...

Prime Minister David Cameron tried to use his Conservative party conference speech to stir up patriotic fever and shift the narrative from one which has focused on the damage Ukip is doing to his re-election hopes by siphoning off voters and, indeed, MPs.


David Cameron spotted at Five Guys Solihull after Conservative Party ...

He was with his wife Samantha and welcomed earnestly by staff at Touchwood, where the Five Guys is housed. David Cameron was in Five Guys Solihull, amazeballs — trisha (@msstrissha) October 1, 2014. He then made his ...



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