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Jerry Brown

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Picture Name Location  
Jerry Brown Mountain View, CA  
Jerry Brown New York, NY  
Jerry Bröwn Seattle, Washington  
Jerry Brown Panama  
Jerry Brown Davenport, FL  
Jerry Duran Brown Santiago, Chile  
Jerry Brown Boston, MA  
Jerry Brown Kissimmee, FL  
Jerry Brown Sioux Falls, SD  
Jerry Brown Troy, MI  


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Politico Pushes Jerry Brown as Dem Bright Spot, Positions for 2016

With all sails up and heading downwind, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is on course to win an unprecedented fourth term as governor in California, 40 years after he won his first. The Orange County Register has Brown leading opponent Neel Kashkari by a ...


Jerry Browns 4th act

In the past four years, Jerry Brown has led the way in turning a budget deficit of $25 billion into a surplus of more than $4 billion; sponsored a ballot measure that produced the state's first broad tax increase in years; seen the creation of a ...


VIDEO: Jerry Brown, weary of agenda questions, dares reporter to 'print half ...

Jerry Brown, who is so far ahead in his re-election bid that he only recently started campaigning, has been asked any number of times why he hasn't done more to lay out an agenda for a fourth term. On Wednesday, he appeared to have had enough.


Opinion: Jerry Brown is stingy with his endorsements

Jerry Brown, the one top-of-the-California ticket draw who's actually on Tuesday's ballot, has been especially stingy with appearances. Brown, leading in the latest poll by 21 percentage points, needs little from lesser Democrats. He has been ...


Jerry Brown, Stop Punishing Victims of Medical Malpractice

On November 4, Californians will vote on Proposition 46's provision to adjust for inflation the unconscionable cap on pain and suffering, known as the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in 1975.


Gov. Jerry Brown plans to head north for final rally

Gov. Jerry Brown is heading to Colusa County on Saturday for what is being billed as his last campaign rally of the year. He also will be pitching Proposition 1, the water bond proposal, and Proposition 2, the plan for a rainy-day fund. The governor ...


Jerry Brown Does His Yale Law Reunion While Kashkari Keeps Attacking and ...

Republican Neel Kashkari has intensified his attack on Governor Jerry Brown, insisting that he has uncovered "Jerry Brown's Watergate." So what does Brown do? Continue to ignore the former Wall Street bailout coordinator, and continue his drive to a ...


Jerry Brown in Pleasanton, stumps for Props. 1 & 2, Tim Sbranti -- and himself?

PLEASANTON -- Gov. Jerry Brown rallied Democratic troops Monday for a pair of ballot measures, a local Assembly candidate and -- almost, sort of, not quite -- for his re-election. "When you're voting for a Democratic candidate, you're voting for ...


Jerry Brown for governor

Forty years have passed since Californians first elected as their governor a very young and quirkily charismatic Jerry Brown. Back then, voters made a conscious break from the past, choosing a 36-year-old Democrat with floppy collars and a ...


Jerry Brown looks ahead to possible 'finish with a flourish'

Jerry Brown said Monday that he may use stockpiled campaign funds to “finish with a flourish with some major ballot measure battle” in his final term, though he said he does not know what that might be. “I can't tell you what they are, but I think ...



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