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Julian Assange

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235.724 results found

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6 results found
Picture Name Location  
Julian Assange Wikileaks Palo Alto, CA  
assange julian Hanoi  
Julian Assange Suffolk, UK  
Julian Assange London  
Julian Assange Townsville, Australia  
Julian Assange Unknown  


7 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Julian Assange Egypt Writing and Editing  
Julian Assange Perth, Australia Government Relations  
Julian Assange Australia Wireless  
Julian Assange Costa Rica  
Julian Assange United Kingdom Computer & Network Security  
Julian Assange Malaysia Telecommunications  
Julian Assange San Francisco Bay Area Political Organization  


33.222 results found

First 10 results

Julian Assange: Canada Supreme Court, ISPs Doing The Right Thing On Privacy

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has praised the Supreme Court of Canada and Canadian Internet providers for pushing back against warrantless searches of telecom subscriber data. In an interview with the Toronto Star, Assange said moves by Rogers ...


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange extradition to US 'far-fetched': Swedish ...

STOCKHOLM: Swedish prosecutors said today it is "far-fetched" to think that fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could be extradited to the United States if he returned to Sweden. It was the first time that Swedish prosecutors, who want to ...


A brief history of Gawker's awkward relationship with Gawker guest Julian Assange

A 2012 Gawker post begins: “In a new Rolling Stone interview, pale nerd king Julian Assange claims 'hundreds' of women have ambushed him and tried to marry him while he's been under house arrest in England. We would love to hear from all of these ...


Julian Assange on Google and his 'difficult situation'

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has spoken out about his continued self-imprisonment at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Mr Assange sought refuge at the embassy in June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face questioning over alleged sexual ...


Podemos shows support for Julian Assange

REPRESENTATIVES from Spain's new left-wing party, Podemos, met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to offer its 'political resources' to help the whistle-blower resolve his 'legal limbo'. The former journalist and hacker was visited by party ...


Self-exiled Julian Assange lacks credibility

IT'S hard to imagine a person more in need of friends than Julian Assange. As time ticks over on his stay inside the UK's Ecuadorean Embassy, he's starting to resemble Tom Hanks in Castaway, perhaps yelling out for friends in the dead of the night as ...


Julian Assange lawyers lodge appeal against Swedish ruling

Swedish lawyers for Julian Assange have argued that prosecutors are in "gross breach of Swedish law", as they lodged an appeal in a fresh attempt to break the deadlock that has seen the WikiLeaks founder begin his third year living in the Ecuadorian ...


Pamela Anderson pays visit to Julian Assange

Actress Pamela Anderson sought out the advice of controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the launch of her new charity foundation. The star and passionate activist set up the Pamela Anderson Foundation earlier this year to benefit a ...


A state within a state at an alarming rate: Assange says NSA just keeps on growing

Julian Assange reminisced to RT's Afshin Rattansi about a meeting he had with Google in 2011 and how the company is in bed with the State Department. He also mentioned that a state within a state is being developed within the USA. Assange on Google's ...


Julian Assange postpones London Fashion Week modelling debut due to 'ill ...

Planned soundtrack was to come by way of music from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. “Julian's been in the embassy for two years and it's important that he doesn't slip into obscurity,” said Westwood in June. “I want to highlight Julian Assange's plight.



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