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Megyn Kelly

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Fox Host Megyn Kelly Flubs Ukraine Flight Limits To Bash Obama Over Israel

Fox News host Megyn Kelly misinformed her audience by claiming that that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not issued a travel ban over Ukraine, in order to bash President Obama over Israel. In fact, the FAA has banned commercial travel ...


Kelly Chronicles IRS Lies and Flip-Flops the Press Refuses to Cover, Let Alone ...

On Thursday, with PJ Media's J. Christian Adams as her guest, Fox News's Megyn Kelly recited a list of assertions (under oath, she reminded us) made by Internal Revenue Servcie officials which have later been shown to be lies or cause for agency flip ...


Megyn Kelly to Ex-NSA Head: Could NSA Actually Retrieve IRS Emails?

Megyn Kelly got the opportunity to speak with former CIA and NSA head Michael Hayden tonight, and so she couldn't resist asking him if the NSA would be able to retrieve the IRS emails that apparently got lost after Lois Lerner's hard drive crashed ...


Megyn Kelly to Bill Ayers: Sounds like bin Laden

Fox News host Megyn Kelly had a heated interview with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers on Monday about his past actions as part of the radical group. “You sound like — with respect — Osama bin Laden,” Kelly said to Ayers, cutting him off ...


Fox News's Megyn Kelly raps ABC News for 'softball' treatment of Eric Holder

The takeaway: No one's interview with Eric Holder is going to satisfy Megyn Kelly, as she sort of suggested in her chat with Napolitano: “Eric Holder is a very important figure in America right now,” said Kelly. “And getting an interview with him would ...


Megyn Kelly Takes On Sandra Fluke [VIDEO]

Fox's Megyn Kelly passionately defended religious liberty on “The O'Reilly Factor” Monday after the Supreme Court sided in favor of Hobby Lobby in a 5-4 decision. O'Reilly played a clip of Sandra Fluke on Chris Matthews' MSNBC show Monday night, where ...


Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity hit new ratings highs with crisis coverage

Photo by: The Associated Press. In this March 6, 2012 file photo provided by Fox News, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly poses at the anchor desk at the Fox studios in New York. 1. Saturday, July 19, 2014. Print Email Comments ...


Kelly vs. Bill Ayers: "You Sound Like Osama bin Laden"

FOX News: Megyn Kelly took on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, in an exclusive interview tonight on “The Kelly File.” Of the Weather Underground's actions, he said, “The idea that somehow this is the moral ...


Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Jon Stewart, Leftist Ideologues on Abortifacient Birth ...

Fox News's Megyn Kelly has clearly had it up to here with the disinformation, misinformation, distortions and outright lies coming from the left in the wake of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. A recent dishonest rant by Comedy Central's Jon ...


Megyn Kelly is Still a Massive Twat, But Mitt Romney Has a Huge Wang ...

Megyn Kelly, anchor of some white guy's network, is still being pursued by liberals and stuff, claiming that her blatant and sour opinions that put people to shame were morally wrong and shouldn't be on a comedy network such as FOX news. After ...



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Megyn Stauffer Boyertown, PA  
Megyn Ruffrsge Indianapolis, IN  
Megyn Bera South Miami, FL  
Megyn Schmid Riverview, FL  
Megyn Marie Muskogee, OK  
Megyn Jones Squaw Valley, CA  
Megyn Ann Arbor, MI  
Megyn Jennings Yorkville, IL  
megyn fait perrysburg, OH  
Megyn S Saanich, Canada  


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