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Megyn Kelly

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Megyn Stauffer Boyertown, PA  
Megyn Ruffrsge Indianapolis, IN  
Megyn Bera South Miami, FL  
Megyn Schmid Riverview, FL  
Megyn Marie Muskogee, OK  
Megyn Jones Squaw Valley, CA  
Megyn Ann Arbor, MI  
Megyn Jennings Yorkville, IL  
megyn fait perrysburg, OH  
Megyn S Saanich, Canada  


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Megyn Kelly: Al Sharpton declared Michael Brown 'didn't use any deadly force ...

Bill O'Reilly, Howard Kurtz and Megyn Kelly are just some of the Fox hosts calling out Sharpton for, they say, crossing ethical lines and tarnishing MSNBC's coverage of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Mo. At issue: Sharpton's dual roles as host of ...


'Neutral” Megyn Kelly Shouts At Democratic Guest About ISIS And Obama

For someone who insists she's not an opinion host, Megyn Kelly showed an awful lot of opinion and bias last week during a discussion about President Obama's plan to deal with ISIS. First, she listened respectfully to Republican Marc Thiessen criticize ...


Megyn Kelly: Secret of her success

Glenn Greenwald wants to make this perfectly clear: He finds Megyn Kelly's views “viscerally repellent.” But the crusading privacy journalist has plenty of complimentary things to say about how the Fox prime-time host conducts herself on air. Continue ...


Megyn Kelly Rips MO Governor: 'That is Not the Way Our Justice System Works'

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly criticized Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) for a statement he released on Tuesday calling for “a vigorous prosecution,” “justice for the family of Michael Brown” and “justice for Michael Brown.” “That is not the way our ...


Megyn Kelly to Brown Family Attorney: Will You Accept Ruling That 'Goes ...

Megyn Kelly faced off with Michael Brown family attorney Daryl Parks over an impending case into Brown's shooting, and over whether the grand jury will actually issue an indictment in the case. And Kelly challenged Parks on whether he really believes ...


'What's He Doing?!' Megyn Kelly Blows Up at Obama for Going to Dem Fundraiser

Megyn Kelly was really up in arms tonight over President Obama fundraising around the country as the threat of ISIS grows. She learned on-air, from Ed Henry, about a fundraiser Friday, and seemed to be at a loss for words. When she brought on guest ...


Megyn Kelly Says Beyoncé's Lyrics Are 'Skanky'

Roger Ailes knows that sex sells. And that's why Fox females are positioned so that the camera can make maximum use of their legs which, in the case of Megyn Kelly, are famous. Yet, when it comes to Beyoncé's performance at the VMA awards, Fox is ...


Megyn Kelly Has Had Quite Enough of This Ferguson Nonsense

On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was not happy when her broadcast about the terrible murder of journalist James Foley was interrupted by breaking news out of Ferguson, Missouri. Not happy at all. "I realize something's happening in Ferguson, but ...


Black Darren Wilson Supporter to Megyn Kelly: 'You Have to Give People a ...

Robin Clearmountain, a self-identified supporter of Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, said Monday on Fox News that the “distrust” of police in the city by blacks is “very disturbing.” Clearmountain, who is also black and lives in the St ...


Megyn Kelly's Cozy Relationship With An Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader

Anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins has appeared on Megyn Kelly's shows more than all other Fox News programs combined over the past two years. Tony Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council (FRC), an organization that was labeled ...



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