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David Cameron

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David A. Cameron Cleveland, OH  
David Cameron Dallas, TX  
David Cameron Los Angeles, California  
David Cameron May Pen, Jamaica  
David Cameron New York, NY  
David Cameron Baltimore, Maryland  
David Cameron Huddersfield, UK  
David Cameron Watertown, WI  
Cameron David Rocha  
David Cameron Orlando, FL  


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David Cameron's conference speech promises to make Britain a country ...

Mr Cameron declared 'I love this country' as he pleaded for another five years in Downing Street to 'finish the job' of turning the country around. He sought to present the next election as a straight choice between Mr Cameron and Labour's Ed Miliband.


David Cameron promises seven-day GP access by 2020

Everyone in England will have access to GP services seven days a week by 2020, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised. The government has also promised to bring back "named GPs" - to take charge of care outside hospital. And Health Secretary ...


David Cameron: The UK is 1000 times more important than the EU

The United Kingdom is a 1000 times more important than the European Union, David Cameron has said. The Prime Minister said that he would not be heartbroken if Britain left the EU and the referendum on membership was a matter of "pragmatism".


Watch David Cameron attempt Yorkshire accent during Conservative Party ...

While Mark Grainger said: “David Cameron attempting a Yorkshire accent, presumably lining up a role in Emmerdale for late 2015.” Yorkshireman David Hugill wrote: “David Cameron has just delivered one line of conference speech in Yorkshire accent, must ...


David Cameron in new Royal gaffe after joke to MPs at Queen's expense

David Cameron found himself at the centre of another embarrassing royal faux pas today after sharing a joke with MPs at the Queen's expense. It is claimed the Prime Minister was showing off art at Chequers when he amused guests by telling them how the ...


David Cameron has little to fear from Labour

He observed that the 25-point Tory lead over Labour on economic competence was a key indicator and that optimism for the future had seen a startling swing from negative to positive of more than 30 per cent. Voters also rated David Cameron a better ...


Ed Sheeran dedicates song to David Cameron

The singer-songwriter, 23, said yesterday that David Cameron had “randomly” attended one of his recent gigs and outed himself as a fan. Sheeran was performing hits including “I See Fire” when he spotted the Conservative Party leader in the corner ...


Leaving EU would not break my heart, says David Cameron

David Cameron has said the EU is not a matter of the heart for him, suggesting he would not be too emotional about whether Britain stays or goes in a referendum. The prime minister has been coy about whether he would argue for the UK to leave the EU if ...


Teach children in pounds and ounces not metric, David Cameron tells schools

Schoolchildren should be taught using pounds, ounces and yards, not grams and kilometres, David Cameron has claimed. The Prime Minister insisted he was a 'modern compassionate conservative' but wanted to turn the clock back to using imperial ...


Nigel Farage beats Prime Minister David Cameron to top 2014 Right-Wing ...

"He is the man who can singlehandedly decide whether David Cameron can win a majority in May, and who dominates policy discussions in No 10," writes Iain Dale, who helped compile the list, created by a panel of experts. "Tory strategists are desperate ...



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