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Bill Gates

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Picture Name Location  
Bill Gates Bangkok, Thailand  
Bill Gates Redmond, WA  
bill gates 深圳市  
Bill Gates Williston, VT  
Bìll Gates Brazzaville  
Bill Gates Greensburg, PA  
Bill Gates Colchester, CT  
Bill Gates Henry 4 Torino, Italia  
Bill Gates Wichita Falls, TX  
Bill Gates 信義區, Taiwan  


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Bill Gates gobbling up Florida farmland

The investment company that manages the wealth of the world's richest man, Bill Gates, has been acquiring gobs of farmland in north Florida the past two years, real estate records show. Lakeland Sands Florida, a subsidiary of Cascade Investments LLC, ...


How Bill Gates Makes Over $1 Million Every Day Doing Nothing

For the 21st year in a row, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) co-founder Bill Gates topped the Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans. Gates now has an estimated net worth of $81 billion, putting him well ahead of his runner-up and good friend, Warren Buffett ...


Why Bill Gates is wrong about taxing consumers

In a recent blog, billionaire and Microsoft MSFT founder Bill Gates offered his thoughts on the much talked about book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty. The French economist highlights the scope and peril of rising economic ...


Bill Gates buying up local farmland

Suwannee County commissioners said they were unaware of the connection between Lakeland Sands and Bill Gates. Commissioner Wesley Wainwright said he knew only that a large land tract near McAlpin had been sold at a premium, and that the same ...


Ballmer implies he and Bill Gates aren't BFFs

Here was an alley-oop: "Are you and Bill Gates on good terms today?" Ballmer's initial response was less a word and more a primal "Eeeeehhhh." He followed it up with: "We've dusted up in our lives many times. You know, that kind of stuff happens.".


Will Bill Gates Read Anthony Cody's

I should start my review of Anthony Cody's The Educator and the Oligarch by acknowledging that I blog for Anthony and we've had many, often extended, editorial discussions. There has been a clear pattern with our discussions/debates. My first thoughts ...


Bill Gates Fights Dynastic Wealth, Before Lavish Gift To Daughter

Bill Gates recently wrote a blog/review of the Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty First Century saying that dynastic wealth, the idea that people in wealthy families just get richer from inheritance and not much else, is not really an issue in ...


Bill Gates Recognizes the Improving State of Humanity

With the newspapers full of crises, it can be hard to maintain a proper perspective on the progress humanity has made, and to remember that there are individuals striving every day to make the world a better place. In a recent interview, businessman ...


Bill Gates' solution to income inequality

If you believe the Forbes list, there is nobody in the world besides Carlos Slim who has more to lose than Bill Gates if Piketty's global wealth on tax were to be instituted. But Gates' critique of Piketty's work, published Monday on his personal blog ...


Bill Gates's New Obsession: Plain Old Boring Plant Sex

Bill Gates gets a lot of flack for his support of genetically modified crops (GMOs), but these days he's interested in good old-fashioned plant sex. In a blog post on his site , the Microsoft founder and philanthropist discusses his visit to Cornell ...



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