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Jay Nixon

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5 results found
Picture Name Location  
Jay Nixon Racine  
Jay Nixon NY  
Nixon Jay 台南市, Taiwan  
Jay Nixon Barrie, ON  
Jay Nixon Columbia, South Carolina  


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Gov. Jay Nixon talks about plans for more possible protests

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon answers question about his handling of the Ferguson crisis. He also talks about his plans if there is another round of protests following the decision by the Grand Jury investigating the shooting death ...


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon unveils plan for Ferguson's future

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has called for the formation of a panel to study the social and economic conditions that have fueled ongoing unrest in the wake of this summer's killing of Michael Brown Jr. by a police officer in Ferguson. Nixon announced plans ...


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon can't ignore clemency petition on behalf of 14 women

A high-powered coalition is lobbying for Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to free 14 women whom supporters say received overly harsh prison sentences that ignored abusive circumstances endured by the defendants. The Community Coalition for Clemency includes ...


TheChat: Jay Nixon gets smoked over Ferguson

“Jay Nixon is not here tonight. I guess he had to go to Ferguson. That's a joke, people. Jay Nixon is never going to Ferguson.” — Missouri state Rep. Stephen Webber, a Columbia Democrat, cracking wise about the fact that the governor was not in ...


Jerry Brown bets pizza on World Series; Jay Nixon offers ribs

In the tradition of friendly bets made by politicians on their sports teams in big games, the World Series offers this: California Gov. Jerry Brown put pizza on the San Francisco Giants and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is offering ribs. Tuesday's wager was ...


Governor Jay Nixon Quotes Tef Poe in Ferguson Speech

On Tuesday, October 21, during a speech at Florissant Valley Community College, Governor Jay Nixon revealed his plan to create a "Ferguson Commission" to investigate the issues of socioeconomic and racial inequality in the St. Louis region that have ...


Jay Nixon (finally) opens his wallet (a little) for his fellow Dems

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, on Wednesday gave $50,000 to state Democrats, bringing his total for the cycle to $75,000. The governor also has helped a few Democrats raise money at fundraisers. Consider that a start for the governor. His ...


TheChat: Boeing makes history in Missouri, Jay Nixon says

Good morning. “A historic moment and a huge win for Missouri.” — Gov. Jay Nixon describing Boeing's decision to bring commercial aircraft production to St. Louis. A big win it is: 700 jobs in St. Louis to build parts for the 777X, Boeing's next ...


Nixon: No Talks in a While with the Rams

Jay Nixon says he wants to keep the Rams in St. Louis, but only if the price is right. The governor says he can't justify spending a ton of taxpayer money to keep the team in St. Louis. “Anything you do has to make economic sense. Anything you do has ...


Little Girl Puts Together Cookbook of Governors' Favorite Recipes, Jay Nixon's ...

In the most adorable school project ever, ten-year-old Lauren Wu of San Carlos, California, decided to create a cookbook with the favorite recipes of all 50 U.S. governors. Not everybody responded, but she put together a book of 26 recipes. One state ...



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Picture Name Location  
Jay nixon  
jay nixon  
jay nixon  
Jay Nixon  
jay nixon  
Jay Nixon  
Jay Nixon  
jay nixon  
Jay Nixon  
Jay (Jerome) L Nixon  


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