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Julian Assange

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Julian Assange book to recount clash with Google chief Eric Schmidt

Julian Assange is writing a "major" new book, in which the Wikileaks founder details his vision for the "future of the internet" as well as his encounter in 2011 with Google chairman Eric Schmidt – a meeting which his publisher described as "an ...


Greens attempt to have Julian Assange and Edward Snowden give evidence

Greens senator Scott Ludlam is reportedly trying to have WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called before a Senate committee to testify about mass surveillance of Australian citizens. Ludlam successfully had the ...


'US annexed the whole world through global spying' – Assange

The media has been overwhelmed by talk of Crimea joining Russia, but all are ignoring the fact that the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance, principally the US, has annexed the whole world through their spying, said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ...


Sweden should come question Assange: Ecuador's UK ambassador

By Michael Holden. LONDON (Reuters) - Sweden should question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Ecuador's London embassy about sex assault claims that have kept him stuck there for almost two years, Quito's ambassador to Britain said on Thursday.


Chicks on Speed, Julian Assange, Yoko Ono and Others Join Forces for ...

Logan Lynn: Thanks for chatting with me today, you two! You have Yoko Ono and Julian Assange as two of the many diverse collaborators on your new record. How does this blend of activists, musicians, producers, artists and royalty work together to create?


Snowden Makes Distinction Between Himself and Assange in Vanity Fair Interview

On the crucial ways he differs from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: "We don't share identical politics. I am not anti-secrecy. I'm pro-accountability. I've made many statements indicating both the importance of secrecy and spying, and my support for ...


George Clooney takes girlfriend Amal Alamuddin, who is also WikiLeaks founder ...

"He's with someone who is a very accomplished attorney. She isn't someone who is pursuing a career in acting or entertainment. She's on his level," a source told the magazine. In 2011 she started representing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in his ...


Julian Assange entre quatre murs

Assisté d'un jeune collaborateur de sa société Sunshine Press Productions, c'est dans ce décor « branché » que Julian Assange, le fondateur de WikiLeaks, reçoit ses visiteurs, comme à trois reprises l'ex-juge Eva Joly. Souriant, courte barbe à la mode, ...


From Rasna to Iodex - Assange endorses!

When BJP supporters circulated posters wrongly quoting whistleblower Julian Assange as saying "America is scared of Modi because he is incorruptible", little did they know the move would kick up a storm. In a series of tweets on Monday, WikiLeaks ...


Schumer predicts shield law will pass this year

Keller asked whether Julian Assange, proprietor of Wikileaks, would be protected under the law. "If he had any commercial relationship as a journalist, yes," Schumer said. Keller also asked about James Risen, the New York Times reporter who lost a ...



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Julian Assange Egypte Schrijven en redactie  
Julian Assange Perth en omgeving, Australië Overheidsbetrekkingen  
Julian Assange Australië Draadloze industrie  
Julian Assange Costa Rica  
Julian Assange Verenigd Koninkrijk Computer- en netwerkbeveiliging  
Julian Assange Maleisië Telecommunicatie  
Julian Assange San Francisco en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Politieke organisatie  


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Julian Assange Suffolk, UK  
Julian Assange Townsville, Australia  
Julian Assange London  
Julian Assange Wikileaks Palo Alto, CA  
assange julian Hanoi  
Julian Nachtigal San Francisco, CA  
katrina assange Oregon City, OR  
chulian assange Medellín  
Christian Assange Lazio  
Jeanie Julian New York, NY  


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