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Maria Garza

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124 results found

First 10 results

Top Dallas official bets political future by opening arms to immigrants

DALLAS (Reuters) - Images of protesters trying to stop buses loaded with illegal immigrants may dominate the news, but in the heart of Texas, one county judge is taking on friends and foes by trying to find shelter for child migrants flooding across ...


Dallas man exonerated for rape after being cleared by DNA tests

DALLAS (Reuters) - A 57-year-old Texas man who spent 12 years in prison for rape was exonerated on Friday, with legal experts saying his case marked the first time someone has been cleared of a crime by DNA testing that was not requested by the ...


Target asks its customers to keep their guns out of stores

By Lisa Maria Garza. DALLAS (Reuters) - U.S. retail giant Target has asked people to keep guns out of its stores after being the subject of campaigns in Texas where people have brandished firearms in store aisles in their attempt to secure more rights ...


More minor migrants raising tensions in US

Their lawyer, Felice Maria Garza, said the siblings were very lucky. She tells the story of a young mother who was forced into the water by smugglers, and lost both her babies while crossing the river. Forced to freeze in the 'ice box'. Many children ...


Online campaign raises nearly $300000 for Texas shooting survivor

By Lisa Maria Garza Reuters. 4:30 p.m. CDT, July 14, 2014. DALLAS (Reuters) - An online campaign has raised nearly $300,000 for Cassidy Stay, the teenage survivor of a shooting attack in suburban Houston last week in which her parents and four siblings ...


Armed citizen groups seek recruits to secure US border

By Lisa Maria Garza. DALLAS (Reuters) - Citizen groups in border states are seeking armed volunteers to patrol the U.S.-Mexico frontier alongside law enforcement officers who are struggling to deal with a surge of undocumented migrants from Central ...


Immigration activist Vargas detained and released in Texas

AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant and prominent activist, was detained for several hours on Tuesday after being stopped at a security checkpoint at an airport in the border city of ...


An Ohio man's quest to make potato salad cooks up $50000

(Reuters) - All Zack Danger Brown wanted to do was make potato salad and find a few dollars for ingredients. He has amassed 4,000 supporters, and at one point on Tuesday, about $50,000 in financial support from a campaign on Internet fundraiser ...


Facebook removes hunting photos of Texas teen that raised ire

DALLAS (Reuters) - Facebook has removed some photographs of a Texas teenager posing with freshly killed animals she hunted during a recent safari in South Africa that had been criticized by users as inappropriate, the company said on Wednesday.


Texas Fireworks Accidents Kills 1 And Hurts Others At School

DALLAS, July 3 (Reuters) - One person was killed and three others severely injured when a truck trailer carrying fireworks for a Fourth of July celebration at a central Texas high school exploded on Thursday as workers prepared the show, a fire ...



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745 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Jessica MarA Garza Mexico Food & Beverages  
MarA Teresa Garza Mexico City Area, Mexico Human Resources  
Jose Maria Sanroman De La Garza Monterrey Area, Mexico Internet  
Maria Emilia Garza Argentina  
Maria Denise Leal Greater New Orleans Area Oil & Energy  
MarA Isabel Garza Greater Omaha Area Financial Services  
Maria Teresa Garza Monterrey Area, Mexico Business Supplies and Equipment  
MarA Quezada Garza Monterrey Area, Mexico Management Consulting  
MarA Teresa Garza TreviO San Nicolás de los Garzas Area, Mexico Environmental Services  
Maria Garza Greater Chicago Area Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing  


100 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location  
Maria Garza New York, NY  
Maria Garza Monterrey, Mexico  
Maria Garza Saginaw, Michigan  
maria garza brownsville,tx  
Maria Garza Mesa, AZ  
Maria garza Corpus Christi, TX  
Maria Garza San Marcos, TX  
Maria Garza Austin, TX  
Maria Garza Roma, TX  
Maria Garza Houston, TX  

Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
maria y garza  
Maria garza  
Maria Garza  
Maria Garza  
Maria Del Carmen Garza  
Maria Garza  
Maria Garza  
Maria G Garza  


10 results found