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Mark Wahlberg

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How Boston Is Jake Gyllenhaal? Think Jimmy Fallon, Not Mark Wahlberg

On the scale of how “Boston” a celebrity is, Jake Gyllenhaal is more Jimmy Fallon than Mark Wahlberg. It's more of a Boston-at-heart kind of deal for the non-local. Gyllenhaal stopped by the Boston Common theater on Oct. 25 to surprise the audience at ...


Mark Wahlberg bulks back up after dramatic weight loss for The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg, known for his bulging biceps and amazing abs, is getting back into fighting shape after an extreme slim down for his new film, The Gambler. The A-list actor and producer was adjusting his weight belt underneath his shirt after leaving a ...


John Goodman drops F-bombs of Mark Wahlberg in 'The Gambler' teaser

In Wyatt's update (written by Oscar winner William Monahan and originally pegged as a Martin Scorsese/Leonard DiCaprio collaboration) Mark Wahlberg is the bet-a-holic, while John Goodman delivers a decisive commentary as a loan shark trying to help ...


Skinny Mark Wahlberg Goes for an Oscar: Watch the First Trailer for The Gambler

Like Matthew McConaughey last year and many other Oscar-hungry actors before him, Mark Wahlberg has dramatically slimmed down for his latest movie. But Wahlberg's Method acting for the crime thriller The Gambler—a remake of the 1974 film starring ...


Mark Wahlberg's Wife -- Ripped by 'Cancer' Patient in Parking Spot War (VIDEO)

102214_rhea_durham_launch_v3 Mark Wahlberg's wife got into a bizarre war over a Beverly Hills parking spot -- and her rival even played the cancer card to shame her ... but you gotta see the twist because we're not sure who's in the wrong. The driver ...


Mark Wahlberg transforms himself for 'Gambler' role

The first thing you notice about Mark Wahlberg in his upcoming film The Gambler is the alarmingly gaunt appearance of the normally buff actor. As far as Wahlberg is concerned, the extreme weight loss — 60 pounds — was not the toughest obstacle he had ...


Mark Wahlberg Says F*ck You To Millions Of Dollars In The NSFW Red Band ...

So who could possibly take him down? Just one man. Mark Wahlberg. [ Video: Mark Wahlberg & His Family Take On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! ] In this brand new NSFW red band teaser for The Gambler, Mark gets in WAY over his head with John Goodman!


Mark Wahlberg -- Mine Is Twice As Big As Tom Brady's!

1006-mark-walhberg-house-mansion-PCN Mark Wahlberg's massive home in Beverly Park, CA is finally complete ... 30,000 square feet strong ... and it's twice as big as Tom Brady's house! Wahlberg bought the six-acre property five years ago and had the ...


'Lone Survivor' author Marcus Luttrell, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg onscreen ...

Mark Wahlberg plays Luttrell in the film version of "Lone Survivor." This is the second year the Mobile Rescue Mission's fundraising luncheon has featured a well-known speaker. Last year's guest was country singer Vince Gill. About 800 people are ...


Amanda Seyfried and Mark Wahlberg share kisses while filming Ted 2

But now, one thing that had been much suspected has now been revealed as true – Amanda Seyfried will be playing Mark Wahlberg's love interest. The co-stars were spotted kissing as they filmed scenes for the sequel in New York City on Tuesday.



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