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Stephen Hawking

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6 results found
Picture Name Location  
Stephen Hawking Padang, Indonesia  
Stephen Hawking Unknown  
Stephen Hawking Ash Sharqiyah  
Stephen Hawking New York, NY  
Vishal Agarwala 👳 LA/NYC  
Fran Barcelona, Spain  


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New 'Theory of Everything' Trailer Shows Stephen Hawking's Struggles

A new trailer for the upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything" is out, and it takes viewers even deeper into the personal life of the famed astrophysicist. The 2.5-minute trailer, which came out today (Oct. 1), is the second Focus ...


Atheist Stephen Hawking denies existence of 'God': Science 'more convincing ...

Famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking, however, is not sold on the idea of the world and all that is in it being created in the flip of an all-powerful hand. The renowned British theoretical physicist and best-selling author known for his theory on time ...


Meet the 14 year old who's smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

A 14-year-old boy has scored an incredible 162 on an IQ test - higher than Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates - making him one of the cleverest people in the WORLD. Brainbox Paulius Zabotkiene was entered into the Mensa brain test last ...


Eddie Redmayne: 'How I played Stephen Hawking'

But Stephen Hawking went on to become one of the most respected theoretical physicists in the world, still lecturing at 72. A new film – starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones – is inspired by the memoir by Hawking's ex-wife Jane. The Theory of ...


Stephen Hawking: 'God particle' could destroy the universe

Stephen Hawking, who once cautioned that both artificial intelligence and invading aliens could wipe out the human race, now has another dire prediction – the Higgs boson, or “God particle,” might destroy the universe. In a preface to a new book ...


'I'm an Atheist': Stephen Hawking on God and Space Travel

World-famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says flat-out that he doesn't believe in God, but he does believe that space travel offers the best hope for our species' immortality. Those pronouncements came during the buildup to this week's ...


Stephen Hawking claims 'God particle' may destroy the universe

It's the end of the world as Stephen Hawking knows it, or quite possibly the universe. Fox News reports that in the preface to a new book, the theoretical physicist cites the Higgs boson, or "God particle," to be the cause for the universe's eventual ...


Intel Unveils a Connected Wheelchair, With Help From Stephen Hawking

On Tuesday, the company announced its newest smart device in partnership with world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. The new connected wheelchair was designed by a team of engineering interns at Intel as part of the company's Intel Collaborators ...


Eddie Redmayne Recalls Meeting Stephen Hawking, Telling Him, "We're Both ...

Eddie Redmayne had what sounds like a rather awkward first meeting with Stephen Hawking, who he plays in the new film The Theory of Everything. The 32-year-old British actor recalled in an interview with M magazine, which features him on the cover of ...



To become Stephen Hawking (who is now 72), Redmayne studied old photographs of the physicist, met with patients at clinics and worked on his movements with a dancer and vocal coach. But he says the performance was hinged on the devilish wink in ...



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