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Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs and Ezra Cornell: Entrepreneurs

Everyone knows about Steve Jobs, the inspiration and driving force behind Apple Inc., one of the most successful startups of all time. Less well known today is Ezra Cornell, a co-founder of The Western Union Telegraph Company in 1855, where he earned ...


Tech workers seek to use Steve Jobs evidence in upcoming trial on no-hire ...

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Four large technology companies should not be allowed to limit evidence about Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a court document filed late on ...


Forcing Steve Jobs out of Apple was a mistake: John Sculley

NEW DELHI: John Sculley was hired from PepsiCo by the iconic but temperamental Steve Jobs with a legendary pitch, "Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or, do you want to come with me and change the world?" Sculley went on to ...


Steve Jobs, Zuck and my little Charlotte

In the last decade, Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, and Mark Zuckerberg changed everything about how we communicate, and I really saw that exactly nine hours ago. Copyright 2014 The_News_and_Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be ...


Samsung email pointed to Steve Jobs' death as 'best opportunity to attack iPhone'

Samsung's VP of sales operations for its US mobile division saw the reaction to the death of Steve Jobs as an opportune time to strike back at Apple. In a document revealed this week as part of the current court battle between Apple and Samsung ...


Was Steve Jobs a bully?

Witnesses at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley should not be allowed to offer evidence that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was “a bully,” four major tech companies argued in a court filing. Tech workers filed a class action ...


Samsung email targeted Steve Jobs' death as "our best opportunity to attack ...

Samsung executives discussed Steve Jobs' passing as "unfortunately" having an "unintended benefit for Apple," and at the same time, "our best opportunity to attack iPhone," in internal memos marked "highly confidential," presented in the Apple v ...


David Fincher Probably Won't Direct The Steve Jobs Movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Fincher, best known for directing "The Social Network" and "Fight Club," was set to helm the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic based on Walter Isaacson's 2011 biography. Then he reportedly asked Sony Pictures to ...


Video Flashback: Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall following the intro of the iOS SDK

... March 6, 2008, about 9 months after the release of the original iPhone. In an interesting look back, the video below shows Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, and Phil Schiller answering questions during a Q&A session that followed the introduction of the ...


An Intimate Glimpse at Steve Jobs

You're in a room with Steve Jobs, the smartest product mind in the history of business, and, lucky you, you're showing him a product you designed. He doesn't like it. Instead, he says, “Tell me how you'd make it different.” Here, most of us would get ...



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Picture Name Location  
steve jobs Fremont, CA  
Steve Jobs Concord  
Steve Jobs Liaoning  
Steve Jobs Hastings  
Steve Jobs Jamnagar, India  
Steve Jobs Charlotte  
Steve Jobs Chicago, IL  
Steve Jobs Doylestown, PA  
Steve Jobs 上海市, 中国  
Steve Jobs Indianapolis, IN  


178 results found

First 10 results

Picture Name Location Industry  
Steve Jobs Singapore Personeel en werven  
Steve Jobs Turkije Industriële automatisering  
Steve Jobs Shaoxing City, China Textiel  
Steve Jobs Birmingham, Verenigd Koninkrijk Informatietechnologie en services  
Steven Jobs Greater New York City en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Outsourcing/Offshoring  
Steve Jobs Kenia Computer- en netwerkbeveiliging  
Steve Jobs M Marokko Basisonderwijs/middelbaar onderwijs  
Steven Jobs Shenzhen City, China Consumentenelektronica  
Steve Jobs Southampton, Verenigd Koninkrijk Consumentenelektronica  
Steve Jobs Jr Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida , Verenigde Staten Consumentenelektronica  


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Flickr Profiles

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Picture Name Nickname Photos Location  
John Appleseed 123  
Sir Steve Jobs 52  
Maura Fitzgerald The Boston Tech Community Salutes Fake Steve Jobs 25  
Epifanio Roberto theapplestile1 20  
"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." Steve Jobs Pierarturo' s shuffle... 15  
Steve Jobs Book 5  
Steve Jobs 4  
Steve Jobs t-shirt 2  
Steve Jobs Yeah Baby! 2  
DơNg ThI NgọC thaingoc091019922 2  

Amazon Wishlists

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Picture Name Location  
steve jobs  
steven jobs HEMET, CALIFORNIA  
steve jobs  
Steve Jobs  
Steve Jobs  
Steve jobs  
Steve Jobs  
Steve Jobs  
steve jobs  
Steve Jobs  


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