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Steve Jobs

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Why the bigger iPhone 6 is the ultimate fulfilment of Steve Jobs' vision

When Steve Jobs was still alive, he seemed adamant that the size of the iPhone's screen was perfect, since it was the maximum width a screen could be and be comfortable to hold while typing one-handed. With the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 on the horizon, though, ...


Steve Jobs' favorite analytics company acquired by Yahoo

If you're a long-time Apple watcher, you may be familiar with Flurry Analytics as Steve Jobs' favorite analytics firm. The video above sums up his opinion well on the topic. Today, Re/code breaks the news that Yahoo's prolific Mergers and Acquisition ...


16 Examples Of Steve Jobs Acting Like A Huge Jerk

When it comes to Steve Jobs, there's the "Good Steve," and then, there's the "Bad Steve," says biographer Walter Isaacson. His mammoth personality could inspire those around him just as easily as it could tear them down. Here are 16 examples of when it ...


The day Apple's Steve Jobs called IBM's best customers an 'orifice'

“I went with (former Intel CEO Paul) Otellini to meet with [Steve] Jobs and his lieutenants. We go into this meeting and say Steve, let's work together to make your Macs better for enterprise customers. Jobs looks at us and says 'why would I do ...


5 Steve Jobs Disses on IBM Before Apple Teamed Up With an Old Rival

In 1981, Steve Jobs placed a print advertisement "welcoming" IBM to the PC market. It was, of course, tongue-in-cheek and meant to highlight IBM's relatively late entry to an important industry. IBM ended up having a strong run in PCs but abandoned the ...


6 Steve Jobs stories we learned this month

Apple's Steve Jobs is a modern icon, but biographers have painted his character with a wide brush. That's why many who worked with Jobs seem keen to give us much better insight into the man. Here are six Steve Jobs stories we learned about this month.


App Store At 6: How Steve Jobs' Biggest Blunder Became One Of Apple's ...

It may seem hard to believe, but when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world, he was especially proud of the fact that it didn't really support apps. With the App Store having subsequently taken its place as one of Apple's most important ...


The Leadership Secret Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg Have In Common

We all have imperfections and surrounding yourself with people who can do things you can't is really essential. If you just look at Zuckerberg, the guy is very, very focused on the product and is probably not particularly great interpersonally. So on ...



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Steve Jobs Singapore Staffing and Recruiting  
Steve Jobs Turkey Industrial Automation  
Steve Jobs Shaoxing City, China Textiles  
Steve Jobs San Francisco en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Information Technology and Services  
Steve Jobs Birmingham, Verenigd Koninkrijk Information Technology and Services  
Steven Jobs Greater New York City en omgeving, Verenigde Staten Outsourcing/Offshoring  
Steve Jobs M Morocco Primary/Secondary Education  
Steve Jobs Kenya Computer & Network Security  
Steven Jobs Shenzhen City, China Consumer Electronics  
Steve Jobs Southampton, Verenigd Koninkrijk Consumer Electronics  


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Picture Name Location  
steve jobs Fremont, CA  
Steve Jobs Concord  
Steve Jobs Liaoning  
Steve Jobs Hastings  
Steve Jobs Jamnagar, India  
Steve Jobs Charlotte  
Steve Jobs Chicago, IL  
Steve Jobs Doylestown, PA  
Steve Jobs 上海市, 中国  
Steve Jobs Indianapolis, IN  


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