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Amanda Paul

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Last week Forbes magazine published an article titled “Vladimir Erdogan: How the Turkish Premier is Consolidating Power Russian Style”. Indeed a dark shadow has fallen across Turkey. Democracy in Turkey is on skid row. Over the past 12 months the rule ...


The dictator as mediator

Why, then, has Ukraine's western-leaning President Petro Poroshenko asked Lukashenko of all people to mediate in the conflict? Amanda Paul: I think first of all it's because Belarus is a close neighbor of Ukraine. It's somewhere where all parties can ...


Berlin Jews and Arabs join hands for peace 01.08.2014

The dictator as mediator 01.08.2014. Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is hosting talks between Ukraine and Russia - despite his human rights record. Foreign policy expert Amanda Paul tells DW this will not end his international isolation.


EU, US stumped on reining in Putin

"This is no longer about a war somewhere far away," said Amanda Paul, an analyst with the Brussels-based European Policy Center think-tank. "If they don't impose tougher sanctions, there will be a big question over the European Union's credibility ...


Aereo abbattuto, Amanda Paul: «L'Europa fermi Putin»

A Bruxelles è «mancato il coraggio», dice a Amanda Paul, analista di geopolitica presso il think tank European policy center, «quello che ora dovrebbe avere per essere una volta per tutte un vero governo dei 28, capace di difendere i suoi ...


Amanda Paul: "Tem de se impôr terceira ronda de sanções à Rússia"

A surpresa e a condenação ao ataque ao avião de passageiros na Ucrânia foram unânimes em todos os Media do mundo. A tragédia com o Boeing malaio – com a perda de quase 300 vidas – marca a viragem desta já chamada guerra fraticida, mesmo que ...


Making the first move

Amanda Paul of the Brussels-based European Policy Centre think tank says: “Ukraine has been part of some CSDP exercises in the past. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this new agreement. A military alliance between Ukraine and EU does not exist.


European leaders 'should get off backsides' and stand up to Putin

We asked expert Amanda Paul at the European Policy Centre in Brussels. Paul said: “It should be a turning point because it's escalated the situation far beyond [where] anybody could have imagined. It's very clear that this incident couldn't have ...


The long, long house move for farming family

“My dad was a farmer-turned-shopkeeper from Great Ouseburn,” says Amanda. “Paul and I got together through Boroughbridge Young Farmers club that both our children Alice and George are involved with today. Paul and I were chairman and secretary ...


Gaza offensive undermines Turkish-Israeli rapprochement

Amanda Paul, analyst at European Policy Center and columnist in the Turkish daily Today's Zaman, believes Erdogan ends up shooting himself in the foot by using such extreme language and risk Turkey becoming isolated further. "His approach is not ...



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Amanda Paul Nueva York y alrededores, Estados Unidos Industria textil y moda  
Amanda Paul Chicago y alrededores, Estados Unidos Deportes  
Amanda Saffer Tucson y alrededores, Arizona, Estados Unidos Gestión educativa  
Amanda Paul Nueva York y alrededores, Estados Unidos Vinos y licores  
Amanda Paul Tallahassee y alrededores, Florida, Estados Unidos Enseñanza superior  
Amanda Paul (Lion) Bahía de San Francisco y alrededores, Estados Unidos Dotación y selección de personal  
Amanda Paul Raleigh-Durham y alrededores, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos Energía renovable y medio ambiente  
Amanda Paul Cleveland/Akron, Ohio y alrededores, Estados Unidos Administración gubernamental  
Amanda Paul Los Angeles y alrededores, Estados Unidos Alimentación y bebidas  
Amanda Bacon (Paul) Edmonton y alrededores, Canadá Entretenimiento  


10 results found