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Mickey Rooney

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Picture Name Location  
Mickey Rooney Sarasota, FL  


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Mickey Rooney's great send-off, courtesy of Bill Murray

“And there's Mickey Rooney. I've known Mickey Rooney a little bit over the years, and he's in this big lounge, his tuxedo is all like this (dishevelled), and he's looking like he's going to die in a week, which he did! (It was actually a month later ...


Silents in the Cathedral feature inspired Batman

Mickey Rooney plays Mickey McGuire in “Mickey in the Haunted House,” a 10-minute, 1928 short that was one of a series that rivaled the “Our Gang” series and launched the careers of both Rooney and Billy Barty. “The Bat” was director Roland West's first ...


DVDs/BluRays: I Wanna Live at Pee-wee's Playhouse!

It's sort of the adult version of those Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney flicks where they said, "Hey kids, let's put on a show!" In this case, it's the adults, who need to raise money for their old but proud friend the General, who led them in WW II ...


Home of early film star Lewis Stone was part of 500-acre Valley ranch

Stone, who died in 1953 at 73, was an MGM contract actor who played Judge James K. Hardy in the “Andy Hardy” film series that also featured Mickey Rooney. White haired from an early age, he starred opposite actress Greta Garbo in such '30s films as ...


'Friends' Star Matthew Perry Returning To Television In CBS 'Odd Couple' Remake

Randall originally wanted Mickey Rooney to play Oscar, but the show's co-executive producer, Garry Marshall, had to lobby to get Klugman hired. The new series will tell the story of Felix and Oscar, two divorced men who share a Manhattan apartment ...


The Red Skelton Show: The Early Years 1951 - 1955

Funnyman Red Skelton headed a comedy-variety show on television for twenty straight years from 1951 to 1971. It was popular enough to remain in the Top 20 of the Nielsen ratings for almost all of that time, and it only got the axe because of the ...


The Home Vidiot: Monsters lurk in Halloween videos

Breakfast at Tiffany's is irritating even when Mickey Rooney's buck-toothed Japanese landlord isn't onscreen, but Funny Face offers the pleasures of Fred Astaire and the fabulous “Think Pink” number, while Billy Wilder's dazzling Sabrina stars Humphrey ...


New on DVD

... Timeless, unrated, $11) In this budget-priced set, there's plenty of murder (“Whirlpool” with Gene Tierney, “Shock” with Vincent Price), thievery (“Port of New York” with Yul Brynner, “Quicksand” with Mickey Rooney) and bad things happening to good ...


Hawks pick up signature win over Rams

“It's a rivalry, and in rivalries, it's not always the prettiest game,” said Hendricken head coach Mickey Rooney. “But I thought the kids stepped up. La Salle is a good team. To beat them is a good accomplishment.” The Hawks have risen to the challenge ...


Beyond the stutters

The queries range from the P15.6-million Redwood-type, three-bedroom unit of The Woodlands at Tagaytay Highlands to overpriced beds at the Ospital ng Makati to the whereabouts of top aides, like Gerry Limlingan, who have dodged below the radar screen ...



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