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Nikki Minaj

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Why we're all talking about Nicki Minaj's butt

I have plenty of female friends who love actors like Channing Tatum or The Rock (although in fairness I love him as well) purely because of their looks. Objectification doesn't just happen to women, it happens to men as well. If Nikki Minaj wants to ...


Nicki Minaj Says Her Understated Look Is NOT Here to Stay

When Nicki Minaj launched her second fragrance, Minajesty, last October, we talked to her about her new-at-the-time less-is-more approach to beauty. Less than a year later, the rapper is launching another new scent. As she gets ready to launch ...


Sweating for Satan in a Heavy Metal Spin Class

... bubbly spandexed warrior barking commands on a headset from the front of a pack of people who had drunk deep of the Lululemon Kool-Aid, a hellish scene set to a nightmarish soundtrack of remixed Nikki Minaj. This, class leader Halston Bruce ...


Peinlich! Nikki Minaj verpackt XXL-Po in XXS-String-Tanga

Provokation ist ihr zweiter Name! Nikki Minaj hat es mal wieder geschafft: Sie ist in aller Munde. Warum? Ihr großer Hintern wurde wieder entblößt und auf ganz spezielle Art und Weise verpackt.


Nutter: Sorry about those curses in July Fourth show, but...

He said three artists - the comedian and host Marlon Wayans, the rapper Nikki Minaj, and Vicci Martinez, a pop newcomer - were the only ones to curse on stage. The mayor said he was looking at options going forward. One, he said, is not to invite back ...


Is Iggy Azalea Really A “Problem”?

Nikki Minaj? Lil Wayne? Wiz Khalifa? This is the kind of bs, hypocritical argument that people get tired of. Just admit that you have certain race-based ideas of what people should be doing and how/where they should operate, which when white people ...


More Pinoys get standing ovation at X Factor Australia

Erin, beautiful, brilliant, thank you for coming to the X Factor,” he said. Girl group TRILL brought the house down with their rendition of Nikki Minaj's "Super Bass." “I couldn't believe what just happened there. It just kept coming in layers, and it ...


Fashion Spy: Katie Price doesn't do it for me

Why? My style is sporty and casual. I don't like bright patterns or neon colours as they look tacky. Who? I like how all the Kardashians dress and I think Kylie Jenner has a great rock chick style. Nikki Minaj and her neon colours wouldn't be to my ...


Docs: Shelbyville man confessed to killing gf

The Problem hitmaker alerted concert officials to her issues on Friday (04Jul14), hours before she was due to hit the stage alongside performers like Nikki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Hudson and local heroes The Roots, who help organize the yearly free ...


Meme Watch: Song Lyrics Finally Get A Much-Needed Fact Check

He kicked it off with an Instagram video on Monday, wherein he questioned a confusing Nikki Minaj lyric. Hudson took a screencap from the video and turned it into an image macro, correcting other rap lyrics that just don't make sense. Not since the Rap ...



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Picture Name Location  
Nikki Minaj Unknown  
Nikki Minaj Winter Haven, FL  
Nikki Minaj Oranjestad, Aruba  
Nikki Hunt Harrow  
Minaj Princess Zürich  
minaj minaj akure  
Minaj Rocky Young Money Entertainment  
Minaj Kp Kannur, India  
minaj Raymondville, TX  
Minaj Njambi Nairobi, Kenya  


7 results found
Picture Name Location Industry  
Nikki Minaj France  
Nikki Minaj Dallas/Fort Worth Area Nonprofit Organization Management  
Nikki Minaj Greater Atlanta Area Retail  
Nikki Minaj Toronto, Canada Area Law Practice  
Nikki Minaj Protege Greater St. Louis Area Consumer Goods  
Nikki Minaj London, United Kingdom Entertainment  
Nikki Minaj Greater New York City Area Food Production  


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Picture Name Location  
nikki minaj  
Nikki Minaj  


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