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Sara Palin

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Sara Palin Fountain Inn, SC  
Sara Palin Collierville, TN  


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Obama's Coffee Cup Salute Mocked by Sara Palin

President Obama was harshly criticized by many after his coffee-cup salute gaffe, when he stepped off a Marine One in NYC and failed to properly salute waiting Marines (the president held onto the cup as he saluted). So when Sarah Palin first had a ...


Justin Brent & Lisa Ann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 19-year-old Notre Dame wide receiver showed up at a New York Knicks game in MSG with a 42-year-old porn star. Justin Brent has the week off from football duties and he chose to spent that time in the Big Apple with XXX star Lisa Ann. She shared pics ...


Sound Off: Oct. 26

Congress >> Roxanne Lara sounds like a left-wing Sara Palin, only dimmer. Red-light cameras >> A caller asks about red-light cameras. How do you think a camera would have stopped the accident at University and Triviz? We would have had a picture of it, ...


Sermon on Suicide, Caesar, and Beautiful Newborns

Every time I see some smiley TV preacher talk about God's plan for me or hear Sara Palin say something irretrievably mean and stupid about poor people, every time I pass an embarrassing billboard featuring Jesus and a fetus, I totally get why ...


Citizens disunited

Let it be said that Sara Palin's voice has not gotten any less screechy over time. The Koch brothers are behind much of this, and with a compliant Supreme Court opening the gates to unlimited corporate funding of political candidates and causes, they ...


A deeper dive into the GOP's problem with younger voters

Todd Rehm, a Republican political consultant, pollster and commentator, last week challenged the validity of my column that pointed out how poorly the Republican Party appears to be performing among younger Georgians. “… put down the Pepto-Bismol, ...


George W. Bush: Jeb wants to be president

George W. Bush believes his brother Jeb wants to be president, and the elder Bush is pushing his younger brother to go for it. “I think he wants to be president,” the former commander-in-chief said on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday. Bush said he thinks ...


FSU's presidential selection major mistake

Posts: 462. I think it's probably better to have a University President who believes in God than one who believes that he is God. (He sounds better than a pediatric dentist with a God complex who was a big John McCain/Sara Palin supporter.) Log In to ...


Pinsonat: Landrieu missed Vitter election message: All about Obama

An endorsement by a Sara Palin Tea Party Group does not mean big dollars or lots of voters. His home parish republican party endorsed Bill Cassidy – he was a member and they did not endorse him. Tea Party endorsement is worth numbers totaling in lower ...


Candidate Rebuts His Antagonist

My four word Occam's Razor: John McCain Sara Palin. I am a quick learner, and your obviously misplaced derision of me suggesting substituting a real law enforcement agency instead of the Keystone Kops we currently have shows why. This statement by ...


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Sarah Palin  
Sarah Palin  
Sara paline  
sarah Paling  
Sarah Paling  
Sarah palinkas  
Sarah Palin  


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