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Todd Palin

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Bristol Palin Describes Moments That Led to Drunken Brawl

An officer wrote in that report that both Sarah and Todd Palin “appeared upset and in a verbal argument with other individuals at the scene.” There is no interview with the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee included in the ...


Bristol Palin's Brother Sounds VERY Drunk (& Homophobic) As He Describes ...

Jeez, too bad Jerry Springer isn't still on the air - the Palin family would have made for some AMAZING guests! This week, Wasilla police released additional audio of the Palin family explaining their side of the trashy and bloody brawl which put the ...


Anchorage police report details Palin family brawl

Todd Palin told police that "everything escalated and it was a situation they couldn't walk away from". Sarah Palin, meanwhile, was at the scene but not reportedly involved in the violence. Mr Klingenmeyer, who "appeared to be moderately intoxicated ...


Sarah Palin's wedding ring and makeup are BACK on as she smiles while ...

That was when father Todd Palin - who was celebrating his 50th birthday that night, although it was not his party- became involved. Partygoer Eric Thompson told Good Morning America: 'I heard Sarah Palin scream out, 'You know who we are, don't you?''.


Bristol Palin: The party brawl did not damage my manicure

Bristol Palin has broken the icy silence of her family about a Labor Day Weekend brawl at an Anchorage party that engaged her father, brother and sister and witnessed by the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. She did take a swing and ...


Palins Under Fire! Wasilla Party Host Demands To Press Assault Charges Again ...

The Palin family didn't make it to the White House, but could they be headed to the big house? has learned that the family is concerned about the legal repercussions stemming from last month's bloody Wasilla brawl — after the party ...


Justin Brent & Lisa Ann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Which was based on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her perceived sauciness. The film also had spoofs of Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Todd Palin and Bill O'Reilly. During the media coverage for the flick, Ann made it clear that she was ...


Police reports reveal details of Palin family fight

The brawl, which took place on September 6, involved three members of the Palin family, including Bristol Palin, Todd Palin and Track Palin. According to witnesses, Bristol Palin, who is the oldest daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin, punched the host of ...


Bristol Palin Says She's Targeted In Brawl Coverage Because She's ...

The reality star goes into detail over the incident in a new blog she posted on “Let me tell you what actually happened. Our friend got knocked out from a cheap shot from behind. Why would anyone do this? Well, here's a hint. The guy was ...


Bristol Palin Punches Man, Keeps Manicure Intact

Last month the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and her family attended a birthday party in Anchorage that went awry. A friend of the Palin's was attacked and knocked to the ground. Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, said it was “a situation they ...



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