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WOW factor ranking – Top 100 in New Zealand

What is the WOW factor?

The WOW factor rankings show some of our most popular & influential users. We use a range of measurements like the number of friends on Facebook and MySpace; Twitter influence; as well as other measures like blog authority. The higher the WOW factor, the more influential and popular they are online: our very own online celebrities or VIPs!

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We designed the WOW factor to give people a true indication of our most popular (and most effective!) users of social media. We regularly tweak our formulas to ensure we continue to rank users fairly and evenly - it's a complex science!

Position Name WOW factor
1 John S Veitch 20502
2 Bronwyn Wilson 11674
3 David Leggott 3794
4 Ange Graham 3210
5 John Turnbull 2464
6 Don Collier 1448
7 Gwen Flynn 1090
8 Steve James 816
  Nina Bellamy 816
10 Jasmine Sammons 724
  Linda Shields 724
  Bryan Hull 724
  Ann Conley 724
  Meredith Eichel 724
  Burton McEwan 724
  Fiona Warf 724
  Dwayne Thorn 724
  Tamika Loane 724
  Alicia Sisk 724
  Ben Waters 724
  Heath Torrie 724
22 Louboutinshoess Jane 707
23 Ophelia Ratcliff 500
  John Venter 500
  Tracey Campbell 500
  Richenda Rowe 500
  Paul Lindsay 500
  Tania Mouhi 500
  Polly Price 500
  Marc Bolland 500
  Marlys Batiste 500
  Tegan Carmack 500
  Emory Quintero 500
  Ashton Naquin 500
  Coleman Pawlowski 500
  Xiomara Troedel 500
  Shella Willison 500
  Clarita Damon 500
  Alejandrina Charleston 500
  April Bristow 500
  Jacqueline Broadnax 500
  Lelia Mungomery 500
  Makayla Bustillos 500
  Lawerence McKee 500
  Alex Cunningham 500
  Floy McAlexander 500
  Dorothea Payton 500
  Agueda Everhart 500
  Mel Parker 500
  Andrew Clemente 500
  Jamel Cathcart 500
  Evan Tinline 500