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WOW factor ranking – Top 100 in Slovakia

What is the WOW factor?

The WOW factor rankings show some of our most popular & influential users. We use a range of measurements like the number of friends on Facebook and MySpace; Twitter influence; as well as other measures like blog authority. The higher the WOW factor, the more influential and popular they are online: our very own online celebrities or VIPs!

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We designed the WOW factor to give people a true indication of our most popular (and most effective!) users of social media. We regularly tweak our formulas to ensure we continue to rank users fairly and evenly - it's a complex science!

Position Name WOW factor
1 Branislav Chrastina 73195
2 Zuzana Urbanova 11205
3 Badynko Kain 3956
4 Marek Stacho 3897
5 Зуеук Ишудутн 3790
6 Tibor Andreas 2882
7 Michal Kočan 2591
8 Eshopy Katalog 1618
9 Martin Molnar 1448
10 Gabbiano.Sk Gabbiano.Sk 1118
11 Tibor Andreas 887
  Rufus Manley 887
  Troy Fugate 887
  Ludie Bacon 887
15 Marisa Dudley 816
  Mae Fine 816
  Julian Christy 816
  Jan Vajda 816
  Jane Hurtado 816
20 Jozef Hron 724
  Smutny Lubor 724
  Bryce McLendon 724
  Demetra Medley 724
  Carson Will 724
  Ramon Redrick 724
  Marco Hajty 724
  Caryn Boote 724
  Bella Bate 724
  Christel Drew 724
  Kurfürst Titanella 724
  Marjorie Wilhelm 724
  Stepanie Giorza 724
33 Micaela Coons 500
  Ramiro Bagley 500
  Aracelis Rousseau 500
  Micheline Mora 500
  Kaylee Payten 500
  Angie Osburn 500
  Joseph Rayburn 500
  Rosaura Grider 500
  Tammara Jarrett 500
  Sonia Lonergan 500
  Zuzana Oravcová 500